Premium Membership

The Premium Membership allows you to access our entire database of test preparation resources-over 16,000 questions, detailed answer explanations, practice tests, study guides, and score reports, available through an intuitive and mobile-friendly interface. This pack is ideal if you plan on applying to multiple jobs and need a full breadth of preparation resources.

Why Premium?

JobTestPrep's premium offer is your best preparation package. With the premium membership, you gain the following:


You will practise with tests that are tailored per position and/or per assessment company.


You will invest time in customised practice and not waste time on generic tests with irrelevant material.


You will save money by making a single purchase instead of multiple purchases of separate test packages.


You will prepare for more than just aptitude tests: Assessment centre exercises, interviews, Microsoft Office, and other components of the selection process.

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Benefits of the Premium Membership

  • Subscription to the largest inventory of job-related psychometric and aptitude tests
  • Direct access to our customer service team for help with all your test-related needs
  • A full learning hub with videos, drills, score reports, and study guides
  • Ability to track your progress with your complete test history saved
  • Ability to practice on mobile devices-85% of tests are mobile-adaptive
  • Tests that follow the style of 12 assessment companies: 
SHL (CEB, Gartner) Kenexa (IBM) Pearson TalentLens Hudson
Saville (Willis Towers Watson) Talent-Q (Korn Ferry) Cubiks Acer
cut-e (AON) Revelian Thomas International Connector
Criterion Partnership PILI Psytech International Profiling for Success
  • All the test topics we cover:
Cognitive ability Assessment centres SJT Spatial 
Numerical Deductive Concentration Personality profiling
Verbal Diagrammatic Mechanical Interview 
Logical/ Inductive/ Abstract Critical thinking Technical Clerical  
Accuracy & precision Error Checking Microsoft Excel & Word Typing
  • Tailored profession packs: firefighters, teachers, prison officers, army officers, plumbers, clerks, armed forces, and more.


  • We keep up with testing trends and follow the styles of the leading assessment companies. 
  • Different packages on our website may contain content overlaps. That is because in some cases, a question type/style may be used in more than one assessment company. This will not affect your preparation experience, as the question pool is very large.
  • Premium membership does not include live/Skype services, Microsoft Office assessments, CV builder, or online interview training. Premium customers will be offered a 15% discount for Microsoft Office assessments and online interview training.
  • We do not provide job-specific SJTs or in-tray exercises.

The JobTestPrep Advantage

JobTestPrep carries the largest inventory of online practice questions for job-related psychometric and aptitude tests. We are the only institute to offer tailored practice packs per assessment company, per position, and even per employer.