Recruitment for NHS healthcare assistants positions can be challenging. Apart from the application form, you will sit a numeracy and literacy test (sometimes referred to as maths and English tests) and take part in an interview. Knowing what to expect from these three assessments can help you succeed and get the job.

NHS Healthcare Assistant Online Tests

The numeracy and literacy tests for NHS healthcare assistants are administered online. You are told in advance how you will sit the test. Both tests are 30 minutes long, which creates pressure to answer all the questions in the time available. You will face questions relating to the medical field, regarding different time-formats (12 and 24 hour clocks), how to spell specific words, and on other topics.

Numeracy Test

During the numeracy / maths test, your mental arithmetic skills are being assessed, meaning you cannot use a calculator. The questions require you to be able to answer questions while utilizing basic maths functions: addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Polish your quick maths skills with our numerical series practice pack.

Literacy Test

The literacy / English test is an examination of your English language skills. The questions focus on spelling, punctuation, and reading, as well as basic comprehension. Our English language practice pack can help you review these basic skills and offers insight to the finer points of understanding English grammar. 

NHS Healthcare Assistant Interview

The second part of NHS healthcare assistant recruitment is the interview. During the interview, the assessors are looking to get to know you and how well you could fit the role. They want to see how familiar you are with the role and what the job entails.

NHS Healthcare Assistant Interview Questions

  • How can you save the NHS money in your role?
  • What do you know about the role of a healthcare assistant?
  • What are the values and objectives of this job?
  • What can you do to maintain the dignity of your patients?

As the interview is the last stage to get through before getting the job offer, being fully prepared for the questions is a must. Review the job description and do your research to help you answer the questions. Check our interview preparation service.

Practice Can Help

The NHS literacy and numeracy aptitude test examines your maths and verbal abilities. Through these tests you are expected to show your understanding of basic maths functions and written information. Our practice tests are designed to help you prepare for the exam and start your journey to becoming a part of the NHS. Materials in the pack include mental arithmetic and literacy practice tests, study guides, video guides, drills and full explanations for every question. 

The role of a healthcare assistant with the NHS is a rewarding career for those who are up to the challenge. If you think you’ve got what it takes, improve your chances of getting hired by preparing for the tests and interview with JobTestPrep.

What's Included

  • 3 NHS numeracy & literacy tests
  • 7 verbal and numerical reasoning practice tests
  • Drug calculation questions
  • Study guides and video tutorials
  • Detailed explanations and solving strategies
  • Timed tests with score reports
  • Extra practice drills
  • Secured payment
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