Hogan Personality Test Preparation

About to take the Hogan HPI or HDS personality test? JobTestPrep offers a Hogan–style personality test to prepare you for the exam. Practise online with JobTestPrep today and show up feeling confident for your test.


Note: Our Hogan-style PrepPacks™ do not include practice for the Hogan Judgement assessment at this time.


Hogan-Style Personality Test
  • 254 Hogan–style questions
  • Professional personality practice test
  • Analysis of 30 traits that employers look for
  • Personalized feedback to your job level
  • Complete guide to personality tests



Amit, Hogan Test Expert at JobTestPrep
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Our Hogan–style personality practice test includes 254 questions stylised after both the Hogan Personality Inventory and the Hogan Development Survey. Each question includes a statement needing to be answered using a 4-point Likert scale. In addition to the Hogan-style practice test, this pack includes single trait practice to single out and improve upon your weaker areas.

On top of the numerous practice questions, you will also get a copy of our in-depth Hogan Personality Test study guide. Not only does this guide include in-depth information about the scales measured on the actual test, it also includes information pertaining to the comparable scales we use in our practice tests. In addition, the guide features scale descriptions and sample items.

With the help of our study guides, you can feel less intimidated by using the examples and explanations to answer the different questions found on the actual test. By practicing, you will learn more about yourself and the specific traits you may possess. Familiarising yourself into the test structure will surely give you an advantage come test day.

Check out to following video to learn more about the Hogan Personality Test:


Hogan Personality Test Sample Question

Below you will find a sample question directly from our Hogan-style personality test. Each question found on this test is designed to familiarise you with questions you will find on the actual test.

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