Prepare for the Saville Wave Professional Styles Test with Accurate Practice (2024)

The Saville Wave Personality Tests (Wave Professional Styles and Wave Focus Styles) are trusted personality questionnaires used by some of the market's top employers to evaluate a candidate's compatibility. Many people mistakenly believe that personality tests require no preparation, but this is merely a misconception: there are right and wrong answers

With JobTestPrep's accurate Saville Wave Test preparation pack you will get everything you need to pass the test, including:

  • Full-length Saville Wave Professional Styles Test Simulations that will prepare you for the real thing, enhancing your understanding and familiarising you with the types of questions you will face in the Saville Wave Test. We'll provide you with 5 simulation styles, each tailored for the specific requirements of different types of positions (General, Managerial, Sales, Finance, Science, etc). 
  • Full Reports that will identify potential weaknesses and give you instructions on how to work on them. 
  • Interactive Study Guides that will provide you with a deeper knowledge of the theory and the nuances of the Saville Wave Assessment.


Saville Wave Personality Tests
  • Full-Length Saville Wave Professional Styles Test Simulations 
  • Full Reports 
  • Interactive Study Guides

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What is the Saville Wave Assessment?

The Saville Wave Test provides your potential employer with an extensive amount of information about you, and the results will determine not only whether your application is accepted but also how your employer perceives your leadership abilities, the most suitable role for you in the team, and many other factors. 

There are two versions of the Saville Wave Test, but the most common is the Wave Professional Styles.

Saville Wave Professional Styles

The Saville Wave Professional Styles - 216 items, takes approximately 40 minutes to complete

The test is only available online and sent by e-mail. It includes two types of questions:

  • Likert ScaleThe first type asks you to reply to statements using a 9-point scale ranging from “very strongly disagree” to “very strongly agree”. At this stage, you can respond as you see fit, with no restrictions so that you can reply to two statements with the same response.
  • Forced-Choice/Ipsative AssessmentThe second type asks you to rate the statements which were placed equally in the first round again to indicate which one describes or suits you better. This time you will be given four statements, and you will need to choose one that is "most like you" and another one that is "least like you". 

You can watch the Saville Assessments video for more information or scroll down to solve sample questions.

Saville Wave Professional Styles Sample Questions

Likert Scale:




How To Solve These Questions?

Our Saville Wave PrepPack includes full simulations and practice tests that simulate the actual exam's challenges. To help you understand how to approach this test correctly and solve all these questions, each practice test includes complete solutions. You will also have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the Saville Wave Assessment theory and its nuances through our study guides.

Pass the Saville Wave Professional Tests

Work with five simulation styles, each tailored for different positions (General, Managerial, Sales, Finance, Science, etc). With our Saville Wave PrepPack, available for only £39, you can ensure you'll get the high score you deserve and fulfil your potential!

Excellent practice tests

The tests were excellent and certainly gave me practice for the actual tests I did the following day. Anyone who hasn't done any form of test for a long while should definitely do these tests before the actual assessments.


          Phillip. T


Very helpful
The sample tests were spot on. And the many examples of working through weak areas are exactly what I was looking for. The sooner people sign up before being tested, the better they will score in the real test, in my view.


          Steve. D


Great Asset
I subscribed in order to get relevant practice for an upcoming assessment as part of a job interview. Just heard back I got 95% so on to the interview stage. What a great help these were particularly in managing time and managing nerves


          Darren. J

Saville Wave Test Tips

  • The Saville Wave is an online questionnaire that is usually sent to the applicant's home. Take all the time you need to complete the questionnaire carefully and calmly.
  • The questionnaire provides the employer with a considerable amount of information that could have an impact beyond the current process and even determine future promotions. Therefore, pay careful attention to each question before answering.
  • When you fill in the questionnaire, pay close attention to the phrasing of the statements to determine whether they indicate Motive or Talent. Try to minimise the gaps between Motive and Talent questions in the same facet.

Saville Assessment Oasys Platform

As a candidate preparing to take your Saville Wave Test, the system you will need to use is the Saville assessment Oasys platform. The Oasys platform is a user-friendly and reliable online assessment platform, where you will be able to update your personal info, read guidelines, take your Saville assessment, and access your reports. 

Click here to read more about the Saville assessment Oasys platform.