This PrepPack™ is designed to give you a good overall picture and practise for Cut-e tests. There are numerical and verbal tests as well as cut-e-style scales cls and ix. As well as this you will receive expertly prepared study guides that will give you the skills you need to come through the tests. 

Prepare for the Cathay Pacific Recruitment Process

Working in an airline industry can be complex, which is why you will need to research the Cathay Pacific Group before beginning the hiring process to fully ensure that you understand the requirements and skills involved.

The different steps in the Cathay Pacific recruitment process are:

  • Online Application: Submitting your application form can be done online or through a recruiter. You will be required to submit your CV as well for employers to reference.
  • Telephone Interview: The next phase will be a short phone conversation conducted with a hiring manager in order to screen candidates’ compatibilities for the role. You may be asked to relay what you know about the Cathay Pacific airlines as well as showcase your accomplishments in regards to your CV.
  • Interview: The final interview stage may include one-on-one and group interviews as well as the Cathay Pacific assessment day. This day is packed with evaluations to determine whether the candidates involved are right for the position. Role-playing exercises, case studies, and written tests are just some required tasks.
  • Entrance Exams: Taking online assessments and in-person aptitude tests may be required during the employment process to evaluate your cognitive abilities and technical knowledge.

Cathay Pacific Aptitude Tests

The purpose of aptitude tests during the Cathay hiring process is to ensure that you possess all the necessary skills to perform the role being advertised.

There are many assessments that anyone applying for a pilot’s position will need to participate in prior to being considered for the role.

For example, the Cut-e numeracy exam evaluates candidates’ general numerical understanding and analysis of in-depth data such as charts and tables.

Practising for your pre-employment tests and acquiring Cathay Pacific tips with this preparation pack will make you more familiar with the material and style of questions.

Included are several full-length Cut-e-style practice tests, question drills and guides for spatial orientation, situational behaviour, verbal reasoning and applied numeracy.

Cathay Pacific Interview Questions

The Cathay Pacific interview process is designed to assess job seekers’ skill set and technical knowledge to determine whether they are the right choice for the airline’s culture.

Gain Cathay Pacific tips and be prepared to discuss your motivations for choosing the position in question. Try to stress your positive attributes, such as your leadership skills, passions, professionalism, and poise. Below are some examples of Cathay Pacific interview questions for you to reference when practising:

  • Why do you want to work for Cathay Pacific Airways?
  • Tell me three characteristics of yours.
  • What are qualities of the world’s best cabin crew?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?


Make sure you put effort into your Cathay Pacific interview preparation and arrive neat and on time. Researching the location the night before will assist you in getting there on time with everything you need.


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