Hudson Psychometric Test Preparation

Have you been invited to take a Hudson test? Hudson tests are a series of psychometric tests used by employers as part of their recruitment processes. Learn more about Hudson psychometric testing including the Hudson competency scan online tests. The Hudson assessment test is a set of psychometric tests including the Hudson Reasoning Ability Tests, and the Business Attitudes Questionnaire. Read on for more information about each test.

Hudson Reasoning Ability Tests

The Hudson Reasoning Ability Tests are a set of three tests: an abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning test.

Each test is available in four levels: operational workers, junior managers, middle/ senior managers.

As a group, the tests are designed to assess the following skills:

  • ability to plan
  • technical insight
  • speed and accuracy
  • spatial insight
  • analytical insight

If you take all three tests your employer is given a report with an overall score suggesting your level, and three subscores reflecting your working style, or strengths. Learn more about these tests and how to prepare for them with JobTestPrep’s range of resources.

Hudson Business Attitudes Questionnaire

The Hudson personality test is an online test designed to predict how a candidate will behave in the workplace. This test looks at 25 different dimensions of personality, and at the end of the test you are given a report against each of the Big 5 personality traits of emotional stability, extraversion, openness, altruism and conscientiousness. The test is untimed, but you are encourages not to take too long answering each question.

In this test you are asked to assess yourself against a number of statements. You are asked to answer truthfully, giving examples of your usual ways of thinking and acting, and not how you would like to behave. You are given a personality statement and asked to rate how much you agree or disagree with each statement, with A meaning you totally disagree, and E meaning you totally agree.

Ahead of taking any personality test it is a good idea to take a practice test to familiarise yourself with the types of questions you will be asked and get yourself thinking about you and your qualities. Knowing in advance how to answer these questions will enable you to give the best possible account of yourself, including choosing between similar sounding personality traits or assessing the same trait differently at points in the test. Learn more about how to approach the Hudson personality test and take a practice test with our personality questionnaire practice pack.

Prepare Now

JobTestPrep offer a range of bespoke practice packs for all types of test. Preparing for your Hudson test is key as taking practice tests helps you know what to expect; gives you confidence in your abilities; and increases the smoothness and speed with which you answer questions, all of which combined lead to a better score. Read on to learn more about the Hudson Reasoning Ability Tests.

Are you taking a Hudson test? Tell us about it in the contact form below and we will advise the best preparation resources for you.

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