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About Army Aptitude Tests

The armed forces of English-speaking countries often use psychometric and ability tests to sift through candidates and make decisions on appropriate placements. Since there is such a variety of positions and job profiles in the army—each demanding a certain set of skills—army aptitude tests can help recruiters make wiser decisions with regard to matching requisites to abilities.

Who Uses What?

What Do Army Aptitude Tests Measure?

Not surprisingly, a substantial overlap exists when comparing the content of the tests used by the aforementioned armies. Of course there are some differences, but, in general, the following subjects are always included:

  1. Numerical literacy
  2. Verbal literacy
  3. Spatial reasoning
  4. Mechanical/technical reasoning
  5. Speed/accuracy/memory
  6. Higher level reasoning and critical thinking.

Our research shows that the Canadian CFAT is in fact a mixture of the UK's Royal Navy and Royal Air Force aptitude tests.