Revelian Personality Tests

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What Are Revelian Personality Tests?

Revelian’s personality assessments include 4 main tests that evaluate your character, behaviour and attitudes.

Each personality test consists of a questionnaire which aims to display personality traits that are most likely to affect your performance and competence as an employee.

The Revelian personality tests assess specific capabilities, such as your ability to understand other peoples' emotions, your decision-making skills in different work-related situations and how well you think outside the box.

These tests are relatively long, with some reaching up to 170 different questions:

16 Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF)


170 questions

No time limit

The 16PF essentially predicts your behaviour, ability to communicate effectively and level of performance in concrete areas considered critical to your job performance, such as:

✔ How you relate to others
✔ How well you work under pressure
✔ How structured you are
✔ Your level of flexibility
✔ How easily you are influenced
✔ Your collaboration level

The 16PF assesses your abilities on the list above by creating scenarios to predict how you will react in the given situation, generally centred in your designated work environment. While there is no time limit, the 170-question test typically takes about 30 minutes to complete. You can prepare for your 16PF test with our personality PrepPack™.

Revelian Behavioural Profile (RBP)


24 questions

No time limit

Typically used as the final assessment, this 24-question test traditionally takes 10-minutes to complete. The RBP determines your behavioural style in a work atmosphere.

Many of the questions are formatted to be answered using a least-to-most likely scale. There is no pass/fail score, rather, your score informs the employer of how you react to relevant, work-related situations. 

Upon completion of this test, the employer is left with a list denoting your strengths and weaknesses in these 4 areas:

1. Compliance – approach to rules
2. Dominance – approach to problems and challenges
3. Influencing – approach to social situations
4. Steadiness – approach to an intensive and changing environment

Work Preferences Profile


84 questions

No time limit

This test contains 84 questions to answer within a 15 minutes time limit. The time constraint is designed so that it is nearly impossible to complete every question.

This personality test is aimed to predict your job satisfaction and productivity as a means to assist the employer in limiting employee turnover.

It is based on 8 areas:

  1. Quantitative – working with numbers
  2. Investigative – reasoning and research
  3. Clerical – administrative tasks
  4. Manual – working with your hands
  5. Interpersonal – interaction with other people
  6. Creative – showing your innovation
  7. Selling – promotional areas
  8. Mobile – work performed outdoors

The questions on this test do not assess your actual abilities in the above areas, rather your willingness and desire to work in them.

Work Safety Assessment


77 questions

No time limit

There are two different formats for this test:
1. This format consists of 77 test questions, which usually take around 15-minutes to answer.
2. This format includes 49 test questions, which may take up to 10-minutes to answer.

This test assesses your attitude regarding safety control, risk aversion, stress management, violence and drug aversion.

This assessment presents a series of statements relating to the above subjects. You must decide whether you agree or disagree with these statements. This test provides employers with a deeper understanding of your ability to work safely, both personally and with regard to future colleagues.


 Avoid Falling Into This Common Trap

The advice that states that “there are no right or wrong answers on the personality test” is misleading and can cause test-takers to fail.  

An example of this can be found when answering the question: “Do you like working with people?"

If you are applying for a service position and you respond with a negative answer, you may not be considered for the job since this answer shows employers that you aren’t the right fit.

Another question could be: “Do you like to lead in a group?” If you are applying for a managerial role and your answer implies that you do not like to take the lead, then this can negatively impact your likelihood of getting hired. 

Prepare for Your Personality Test

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By using our practice resources, you will receive detailed profile guides which allow you to analyse and further understand this assessment, so you can build the personality profile you need to land the job!


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