easyJet Cut-e-style Pilot PrepPack™

Are you applying to easyJet as a pilot? The pilot recruitment process involves many different steps, each of which you will need to master to receive an offer from easyJet. JobTestPrep has created a comprehensive guide offering preparation and advice to help you get through the recruitment process in the best possible way. Start practising for your Cut-e pilot assessments today!

easyJet Pilot
  • 1 cut-e spatial orientation tests (scales ndb) 
  • 1 cut-e situational behaviour tests (squares) 
  • 4 cut-e verbal ability tests (scales verbal) 
  • 4 cut-e deductive-logical thinking tests (scales lst)
  • 1 cut-e Applied Numeracy test (scales tmt)
  • 1 Ability to Concentrate Test (Scales e3+)
  • 11 Additional numerical drills
  • Video interview preparation
  • 7 Study guides and video tutorials

Note: This PrepPack™ does not include the following test sections: spatial reasoning (scales spc and spr), complex control, monitoring ability or multi-tasking.




Yedidya, Aviation Industry Assessments Expert at JobTestPrep
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The easyJet Pilot PrepPack™ includes practice tests and study guides stylised after those provided by Cut-e. This pack goes over such topics as spatial orientation, situational behaviour, verbal ability and applied numeracy. In addition to Cut-e-style test practice, you will find additional study guides to further stimulate your learning process.

easyJet Online Application Form

The first step to obtaining a career with easyJet is the application. Here, you will upload your current CV, as well as answer competency questions that relate to the position you are applying for.

To answer these questions in the correct manner, you will need to include the key values of easyJet in your answers. The key values of easyJet are as follows:

  • Safety: Ensuring complete safety not only for yourself but also for the passengers on the plane.
  • Integrity: Standing by your word.
  • Passion: Doing the job with energy, always looking to be the best.
  • Pioneering: Finding new ways of being profitable whilst making travel easy.
  • One team: Whatever the problem may be, there is always a solution if we work together.
  • Simplicity: Concentrate on things that really matter.

In addition to incorporating these key values into your answers, you also need to include practical examples of where you have used similar values in the past (as part of your CV).

easyJet Pilot Online Assessment Tests

The easyJet pilot online assessments typically involve one or more of the following psychometric tests:

  • Numerical reasoning tests – These tests are designed to assess your numerical and critical reasoning skills. You will be given numerous pieces of information via graphs and charts, and you must work out the correct solutions.
  • Verbal reasoning tests – These tests provide you with a paragraph of information and some multiple-choice questions. Based on the text, you must select the correct answer. This is done under severe time constraints, so you need to work fast to complete the test in the time allotted.
  • Personality (Shapes) - Overall there are five versions of this test, targeting basic positions, graduates, executives, experts, and managers. Each questionnaire presents different statements, and you must rate the accuracy with which each statement describes yourself. This test is not timed but it should take you no more than about 20 minutes to complete. 

If you pass the easyJet pilot online assessment tests, your application will be reviewed to ensure you meet the minimum requirements and have answered the questions thoroughly. Be sure you have uploaded your CV by this point. If you are successful in the review process, you will be invited to attend the assessment centre. 

easyJet Pilot Assessment Day

Held in Luton for 16 pilots, this eight-hour assessment centre consists of multiple steps. These include presentations, aptitude tests, and group exercises.

  • Personality test – Personality tests are used to examine key areas of your personality in order to determine how well you fit the position. Although this test is solely based on your own personality, it is still possible and important to prepare.
  • Multi-tasking – This test requires you to complete several tasks at a time, as it assesses the coordination and prioritising needed to manage various aspects of work.
  • Spatial orientation – Also known as spatial awareness tests, these assessments examine orientation skills in two dimensional and three-dimensional spaces. You will need to understand an aircraft's position in relation to other objects and be able to read aircraft/flight instruments. 

easyJet Group Exercises

Group exercises will also be performed during the assessment centre. As there are many different types of groups exercises, we've provided you with two separate examples.

1. You have just discovered that there is a technical error concerning the plane, which means you will not be able to get to your destination. You will be given three different options with a variety of different locations to choose from. Each of these locations has its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to decide which of the locations is best suited for the landing.

2. Everyone in the group is given a list of 14 qualities that make a good pilot. As a group, you have to decide on the order of them—which is the most important and which is the least important.

The most important aspect of these group exercises is your ability to interact with the other members of the group in a productive manner, not the actual outcome or your decision.

easyJet Pilot Interview

The in-person interview is one of the most important steps of the easyJet Pilot recruitment process. It takes place at the assessment centre. The interview is approximately one hour in length and consists of motivational and competency questions. To answer the questions in the correct manner, you need to integrate the key values mentioned above in your answers.

Additionally, when you are asked a question that inquires about your skill level, you should respond using the STAR method. This method allows you to explain setbacks while highlighting your accomplishments and skills. 

easyJet Pilot Interview Questions

Below are some examples of easyJet pilot interview questions:

  • Why do you want to work for easyJet?
  • Tell me about a complex situation you have encountered.
  • Tell me about a time you have made a good and a bad decision.
  • How do you deal with confrontation?
  • Have you ever had to deliver sensitive and sad news to someone; how did you do it?
  • Tell me about a time you had to make a big decision.
  • How have you shown your adaptability in the past?
  • Tell me about a time you have diffused conflict in a situation.

The aforementioned questions are just some of the interview questions you may encounter. However, you can prepare for any interview question or method with our interview PrepPack™. 

easyJet Flight Simulator Assessment

If you're successful at the assessment centre, you will be asked to take a flight simulator assessment (on a different day) at either London Gatwick or Burgess Hill.

JobTestPrep will soon provide simulator preparation. However, in the meantime, refresh your knowledge of the aforementioned tests, interviews, and exercises.

Prepare for easyJet

To be successful with easyJet, it is important to practise. By practising, you give yourself a higher chance of doing well, and doing well means landing a pilot job at easyJet. 

JobTestPrep’s Cut-e-style PrepPack™ includes various practice tests that can be taken in real-time simulation mode (to reflect similar test conditions) or step-by-step mode. Additionally, the package contains detailed answer explanations and score reports. Start preparing today to ensure your success with easyJet.