Prepare for Your Thomas International PPA Assessment

This page will help you prepare for the Thomas International PPA Test, using the most accurate and up-to-date practice.

Each component of the plan is designed to help you overcome a different aspect of the assessment:

  • Full-length Thomas PPA Test Simulations that will prepare you for the real thing, enhancing your understanding and familiarising you with the types of questions you will face in the test. We'll provide you with 4 simulation styles, each tailored for the specific requirements of different types of positions (Managerial, Sales, Analysts, Help-desk). 
  • Full Reports that will identify potential weaknesses and give you instructions on how to work on them. 
  • Interactive Study Guides that will provide you with a deeper knowledge of the theory and the nuances of the PPA Assessment.

The prep package was made after thorough research to validate the accuracy of the practice materials and after getting feedback from hundreds of PPA test-takers.

💡 Keep reading for a complete overview of the benefits of the preparation.

PPA Test Practice
  • Full-Length Thomas PPA Test Simulations 
  • Full Reports 
  • Interactive Study Guides

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What Are the Benefits of the Thomas PPA Practice Plan?

There are 3 main benefits to the Thomas International PPA practice plan:

  • Accuracy - a practice that simulates the actual test conditions for the best possible performance of the task ahead.
  • A Holistic Approach - only by practising the PPA test as a whole can you eventually make your profile match the job you want and pass the assessment.
  • Personalization - the ideal profile varies greatly between positions. Choose the job profile relevant for you out of 11 ideal professional profiles.

Now, let's go over these preparation benefits one by one and explain why each of them is crucial for passing the PPA test.

If you are taking the Thomas PPA together with the GIA cognitive assessment, learn about our PPA+GIA bundle pack.

PPA Test Preparation Benefit #1 - Accuracy

Research shows that the best way to improve performance in any task is to take on a challenge that is as close as possible to the real thing.

Apart from giving you the knowledge you need to pass the assessment, that process also alleviates stress and saves mental resources for the test day.

JobTestPrep's PPA test practice plan represents the actual assessment's structure, formatting, and content in the most accurate way possible:

  Thomas International PPA JobTestPrep’s Practice Test
No. of questions 24 ✔️
Time Limit Untimed ✔️
Traits Assessed









Types of Questions Forced-choice, Most & Least ✔️
Required Profile Varies between positions

11 possible ideal employee profiles to choose from

JobTestPrep’s Thomas Accurate PPA Test Practice

  • Thomas PPA-tailored questions will get you familiar with the test structure and increase performance on test day.
  • The answering methods taught in the PrepPack are designed specifically with Thomas PPA test questions in mind.

PPA Test Preparation Benefit #2 - A Holistic Approach

Here are two reasons why only preparing with a full PPA personality test is going to get you the result you want:


The PPA Test Is More Complex Than You Think

After you finish the PPA assessment, 3 different profiles are created for you, 2 of which are behind the scenes. Now you can learn them, too, and know exactly how your score is calculated on the real thing.


There Are No Correct Answers for Single Questions

On the PPA test, any single question does not make sense as a standalone. Only by combining your responses to all 24 questions can you create a representative profile as is made on the real PPA test.


What You Do Not Choose Is as Important as What You Do Choose

The Thomas PPA test calculates your score based not only on the choices you make but also on those you DO NOT make.


JobTestPrep’s Thomas Holistic PPA Test Practice

  • A complete, 24-questions PPA practice test will yield the profile you will eventually have on the real PPA assessment.
  • Learn what answers to choose AND what answers not to choose.
  • The practice test will construct all 3 of your PPA Test profiles, teaching you how to gain the result you want.
  • A personality profiling assessment to teach you how to approach personality profiling questions and what they measure.

Benefit #3 - Personalization

The answers you want to have on your PPA test greatly depend on the position you want. That is because the ideal profile for, say, a manager, greatly differs from that of a QA analyst, and both differ from that of an auditor.

The practice plan covers these 3 job profiles along with 8 additional profiles, to make sure you reach the personality profile suitable for the job YOU want.

Here are several ideal profiles, taken from our Thomas International PPA practice test:

PPA Test Profiles

JobTestPrep’s Thomas Personalized PPA Test Practice

  • Match your own profile to the ideal candidate's profile.