Emirates Assessment Day, Test, and Interview Preparation

Emirates, the larger of two official U.A.E flag carriers, pulls in thousands of job candidates annually and is accordingly very selective with its prospective hires.

Are there any ways to boost your own application?

Whether you apply for a pilot position, or an engineering, management, or customer service role – you are sure to meet a Saville Assessment. Saville is Emirates’ official psychometric test supplier.

Having prior familiarity with the Saville assessments can improve your chances drastically. Practise for the Emirates Saville Assessment with our expertly curated PrepPack™, which includes:

  • Saville Swift – a challenging cognitive assessment aimed at ascertaining your numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning skills. Our PrepPack™ will give you the opportunity to practise every type of question individually, with mock tests, full solutions, and thorough explanations.

  • Saville Wave – a comprehensive personality questionnaire that formulates a thorough report on your traits and your compatibility for the role. With our preparation material, you will be able to fine-tune your answers to fit your desirable job.

Emirates Pilot Recruitment Process

The Emirates fleet currently consists of Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s, though this may change in upcoming years as A380s are no longer being produced.

Pilots can apply as captains or first officers. There is also an accelerated command track if you do not have quite enough hours to apply as a direct entry captain. Emirates runs a National Cadet Pilot Programme to train pilots with zero experience or flight hours, but it is open to U.A.E nationals only.

For more information about requirements, visit Emirates' career page.

Emirates Open Days for Aspiring Flight Attendants

If you are a candidate for Emirates Cabin Crew, your recruitment process will go through an assessment centre. These can be open days, to which you can turn up unannounced with an ID and a well-written CV, or closed assessment days, to which you will receive an invitation after submitting an application and CV on the Emirates career page.

These days usually feature multiple elimination rounds. If you make it to the end, be prepared to spend an entire day at the recruitment centre. Sometimes it can even take multiple days. if you are shortlisted, you will have a final interview. If not, you will have to wait six months to reapply. You will be asked to fill out an online form, participate in group exercises, and take the Emirates English test. You can read more about it on our dedicated Emirates Cabin Crew page.

Free Emirates Saville Test – Amp Your Performance With Saville Sample Question [2024]

Emirates Saville - Abstract Sample Question

Question #1:

Which of the following completes the sequence?






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Answer #1:

The correct answer is:

There are two rules in this series: frequency and progression.

First, the symbol at the centre alternates between having a dark-blue filling and having no filling with every step. It also changes from a + sign to an X sign every third step, such that each symbol appears twice in a row.

Second, a small square is added to each of the corners at every step until there are three on each side. Then, a square is removed from each corner until there is only one square on each side again. This means the missing frame should have a white plus sign, with one square on each frame side.

Tip: if you think you've figured out what the pattern might be, your next step should be to scan the answers and eliminate whichever ones don't match the rule. If more than one option remains after elimination, or no option remains, it is time to go back to the drawing board and seek out another possible pattern.

The Emirates Abstract Test is challenging for a number of reasons, not least of which is self-doubt. It can often lead to candidates wasting precious time going back and forth testing various theories instead of maintaining a calm and relaxed demeanour. This is why it usually helps to practice these questions, or similar ones, beforehand. You can dp this with our Emirates PrepPack.

💡 Not sure if the Abstract Reasonong test will be featured in your Emirates recruitment process? Contact us and we'll help you figure it out.

Emirates Saville - Verbal Sample Question

Read the following passage:

Companies wishing to increase their growth rate occasionally employ the method of franchising, which provides a new owner with a permit to use their business identity and, in return, they purchase products exclusively from the company. However, today most companies aim to minimise the use of this method and often prefer the expansion of the companies' own branches. Companies that have previously used franchising have learnt the necessity of monitoring the business operation of the franchised branch. Inadequate attention to the monitoring of franchisees on the part of the companies was typically the cause of sundry problems. Difficulties arose from franchisees and companies disagreeing on business policies such as customer care, service delivery efficiency and quality of human interaction.

Question #2:

Which one of the following reflects a problem related to lack of monitoring?





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Answer #2:

Problems related to lack of monitoring are elaborated at the end of the passage: ‘Difficulties arose from franchisees and companies disagreeing on business policies such as customer care, service delivery efficiency and quality of human interaction’. Three problem areas are described in this sentence concerning disagreement over business policies: (1) customer service (2) service delivery efficiency (3) quality of human interaction. Two distracters correspond to one of these three problem areas- distracters B and D; however, distracter D describes a lack of delivery services whereas the passage only states a problem with delivery efficiency and so distracter D is eliminated.

Tip: Many candidates find it useful to read the question before the passage. This way, your reading of the passage is more efficient, as you are actively looking for the answer, committing to memory segments that may be relevant while quickly browsing over segments that are less likely to contain the solution.

Verbal comprhension tests are often overlooked by candidates practising for pre-employment aptitude tests, especially those who consider English their native and primary language. It is worth noting that the companies that produce these tests often have their ways of making questions difficult by being ambiguous or vague. Our PrepPack contains focused practice for Saville Verbal tests used by Emirates.

💡 Not sure if the Verbal Reasonong test will be featured in your Emirates recruitment process? Contact us and we'll help you figure it out.

Emirates Saville - Numerical Sample Question

Question #3:

Country A has two television channels: BBC1 and BBC4. The following charts specify the rating percentage (out of population) in each of the channels, from 8:00 - 24:00. (Rating percentage is the percentage of people of the country's population watching the channel).

In which of the following hours did the ratings of BBC1 go up by 50%?






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Answer #3

We'll place 100 as the size of the population so that we can find the number of people watching at a certain time (that number will be equal to the percentage).
Answer (A): at 9:00 BBC1 has 15 viewers, and at 11:00 BBC1 has 20 viewers, which is 5 viewers more. Those 5 are a third of the viewers at 9:00 (15 viewers).
Answer (B): at 13:00 BBC1 has 15 viewers, and at 15:00 BBC1 has 30 viewers, which is 15 viewers more. Those 15 make a 100% of the viewers at 13:00 (15 viewers).
Answer (C): at 17:00 BBC1 has 30 viewers, and at 19:00 BBC1 has 45 viewers, which is 15 viewers more. Those 15 make up 50% of the viewers at 17:00 (30 viewers). This is the correct answer.
Answer (D): at 19:00 BBC1 has 45 viewers, and at 21:00 BBC1 has 30 viewers which are actually fewer viewers.

The correct answer is: 17:00 - 19:00

Emirates Saville PrepPack: The Essential Tool for Your Emirates Job Application

Airlines require the highest levels of commitment and professionalism from their employees. This is why the recruitment process can be so competitive, with even small details being scrutinized.

At Emirates, you can expect more than just an assessment test. Depending on your role, you may also be required to participate in group exercises or interviews. Our Emirates Saville PrepPack is intended to make sure you have the testing part of the process in the bag, so you can focus on impressing your recruiters!

We also offer preparation for video interviews, which are commonly employed by Emirates, follow the link for more information.


You have successfully completed the Cognitive portion of our Free Emirates Saville test. Next, We'll be looking Saville Wave, the Emirates personality test.

Emirates Personality Test - Saville Wave

Educational Video on the Saville Assessments:


You can learn more about the Saville Wave assessment and view sample questions on our Saville Wave page. Please note that our Saville Wave PrepPack is currently under development. However, customers who purchase the Emirates Saville PrepPack will receive a free personality test PrepPack instead, which will cover all the principles and guidelines you may need for the Wave. This test is taken inside the Saville Oasys Platform.


You have successfully completed our free Emirates sample questions. The Saville Assessment used by Emirates can be difficult and daunting, but familiarity with the rules and question types can certainly help gain an edge over the competition.

Our All-Inclusive Emirates PrepPack includes comprehensive preparation material, including:

  1. Full Saville Swift simulations
  2. Focused practice for each testing category: verbal, numerical, abstract, and more
  3. Coverage of all the different Saville cognitive tests.
  4. A bonus personality PrepPack to help you ace the Saville Wave assessment.

Our PrepPack covers all the cognitive assessments offered by Saville. Not sure which one you need to focus on for your Emirates recruitment process? Contact us, and we'll be glad to help!