NZDF Aptitude Test: Practice Test & Study Guides (2024)

If you're looking to join the New Zealand Defence Forces (NZDF), you probably know that the NZDF Aptitude Test is an essential part of the selection process. The test assesses your cognitive abilities, and it can be challenging to perform.

NZDF allows a maximum of 2 attempts of the test (with a gap of 6 months between them) - if you fail them, you won't be able to join the NZDF. Therefore, it is crucial to apply the test after you've done a proper preparation. 

Our comprehensive course is designed to help you prepare for the NZDF Aptitude Test and maximise your chances of success and becoming a Kiwi Soldier. Our course is tailored to meet the unique needs of aspiring pilots and provides you with everything you need to succeed on test day:

  • Full Test Simulations & Study Guides - Split across the various categories, and hone your skills for everything that will appear on your NZDF Aptitude Test. You'll find in our PrepPack full test simulations of the SHL General Ability and SHL Mechanical Comprehension Test, which are the main components of the NZDF Aptitude Test. 
  • Additional Practice Tests and Drills - covering all the various topics that will be assessed in your exam, such as Inductive, Deductive Numerical, and Mechanical reasoning. These practices will let you raise your skills further and maximise your chances of beating the competition.
  • Get Personalized feedback and support to help you identify areas for improvement and hone your skills

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New Zealand Defence Force Tests

Full NZDF Aptitude Test Simulations:

  • 5 Full SHL General Ability Test Simulations
  • 2 Full SHL Mechanical Test Simulations

Additional Practice Tests:

  • 3 Personality and Motivation Practice Questionnaires 
  • 21 Numerical Practice Tests
  • 20 Inductive Reasoning Practice Tests
  • 7 Deductive Reasoning Practice Tests
  • 5 Mechanical Reasoning Practice Tests 

Study Guides:

  • 6 SHL Study Guides
  • 13 Additional Aptitude Tests Guides



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What is the NZDF Aptitude Test?

SHL has developed the NZDF Aptitude Test to evaluate New Zealand Defence Forces Candidates' cognitive abilities. NZDF Aptitude Test is an integral part of the NZDF application process, and you may be required to take it for most positions available at the NZDF - whether a pilot or an accountant. 

The test consists of 2 subtests- SHL General Ability and SHL Mechanical Comprehension Test. Like other army aptitude tests, these tests cover a wide range of subjects, including inductive reasoning, numerical reasoning, mechanical reasoning, and deductive reasoning.

SHL General Ability Test

The General Ability Test consists of 30 questions to complete within 36 minutes

  • Numerical - This particular set of questions highlights the need to deal with interactive, complex data that is presented in tables and graphs. This part of the assessment focuses on your ability to extract, calculate, and come to conclusions based on numerical data. On each question, you'll be presented with numerical data arranged in a graph, table, etc. You'll be asked different questions and will need to be able to draw conclusions and perform numerical calculations based on the data.  
  • Inductive - SHL Inductive questions revolve around finding the logical rules represented in shapes’ colour, position, etc. The purpose of an inductive reasoning test is to evaluate the way you think and react to new rules and situations. The questions often require you to identify patterns of rules in diagrams.
  • Deductive - The SHL Deductive questions examine your ability to draw logical conclusions out of given information. This will usually be measured by scheduling tasks or ranking items based on constraints. The important thing about these questions is that there is always a logically correct answer.

SHL Mechanical Comprehension Test

The SHL Mechanical Comprehension Test assess your ability to understand mechanical concepts. In each question, you'll be shown images of simple machines, tools, or objects, and you'll be asked to predict the outcomes or to describe how the objects shown would interact.

The SHL Mechanical Test consists of 18 questions to complete within 15 minutes. 

NZDF Aptitude Practice Test

It is well known that proper practice and familiarity with the test questions can significantly reduce stress and anxiety on test day and raise your chance for success. That's precisely why our experts at JobTestPrep have made a dedicated short free sample test for you.

The sample questions below don't include all the different types you may face in the test, but most of them. If you want to practice more types of questions, you can check out our PrepPack.

Feel Like You're Not Ready Yet?

Our prep pack is designed to reflect the actual test accurately and includes dozens of practice tests covering all the different types of questions in the test. With our practice, you can master the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in your assessment, reduce stress on test day, and increase your chances of succeeding.


Yes. NZDF allows a maximum of 2 attempts of the test. You can take the test again after 6 months. If you fail them both, you won't be able to join the NZDF.

First, You'll need to gather all the relevant documents and make an online application and registration. 

Second, You'll need to pass the NZDF Aptitude Test and complete the NZDF Fitness Test. 

Third, You'll need to attend and pass an interview. 

After the interview, you'll receive a job offer. If you sign and agree to the terms of employment, you'll continue to a Full Medical Check, which will be the last stage of your process. 

The time between submitting your application and the first day of training typically takes 3 – 18 months