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Cubiks Ability Tests

Cubiks ability tests are split into two distinct categories. The Cubiks Reasoning for Business (RfB) ability test series is usually used for managerial and graduate positions, while the problem solving series is used for secretarial and office assistant positions. 

Cubiks Reasoning Tests for Business (RfB)

This set of tests is used to evaluate different areas of business reasoning. These tests are generally given to two different levels of applicants: those applying to managerial and graduate positions and those applying for business support positions. They cover a wide range of skills and are used to assess the potential suitability of a prospective employee by examining his or her reasoning skills. These tests are often administered together online.

  • The Cubiks numerical test – This test comes in a variety of different formats, and the one that will be administered to you is the one which most closely relates to the job description. You are given approximately one minute to solve each question, and it is not advised to ponder on any question for too long as this could negatively affect your result. Prepare for the Cubiks business support numerical reasoning test and graduate/MGMT numerical reasoning test.
  • The Cubiks verbal reasoning test – Like the Cubiks numerical test, the verbal test comes in varying levels of difficulty depending on the job you have applied for. The goal of this test is to examine your ability to make inferences from and interpret textual information. You are presented with a paragraph containing four to six different facts and then given a statement. Your task is to work out if the statement is true, false, or you are unable to deduce (cannot say) from the preceding paragraph. Prepare for the business support verbal reasoning test and the graduate/MGMT verbal reasoning test.
  • The Cubiks diagrammatic reasoning test – This test assesses your ability to identify the similarities and differences between groups of shapes and to categorise them clearly. Take Cubiks–style diagrammatic reasoning practice tests.

The Cubiks Problem Solving Tests

The Cubiks problem solving series comes in a variety of formats. This test battery is used for secretarial and office assistant positions, engineers, and other non-management positions.

The problem solving tests cover a battery of different subjects, assessing both verbal and numerical abilities.

Learn more about and prepare for the problem solving tests.

Logiks General Tests

This is a 12-minute test that contains 50 questions of increasing difficulty. These questions cover numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning. This test is, in fact, almost identical to the problem solving test series. The only difference is the addition of an abstract section.

For more details about the Logiks General tests.

The Cubiks Situational Judgement Questionnaire (SJQ)

The SJQ is a Cubiks online test in which the candidate is given a variety of different scenarios. These scenarios are ones likely to occur in the workplace, and it is the candidate's task to select what he or she would do in response. These tests are very similar to general situational judgement tests, which you can practise for and find out more about with JobTestPrep.

Cubiks E-Tray Assessment

In this task, which can be taken both online or in paper form, the candidate is given different pieces of information that need to be sorted out in order of importance. These assessments are typically given to applicants for positions of authority as these individuals sometimes have to make difficult decisions at the spur of the moment. A cool head is required to complete the task at hand in a correct and fitting manner. You can practise these tests with JobTestPrep's expertly compiled in-tray exercise.

Cubiks Team Role Questionnaire

This is a fairly new innovation by Cubiks that is used to help understand the skills and roles people take on when placed in a team-based environment. It recognises typical behaviour in a group setting, provides information that can help remedy shortcomings, and plans personal development initiatives. It also helps teams engage and work in a more effective manner. In some sense, this questionnaire takes the place of a group assessment at an assessment centre.


The PAPI3, which stands for Personality and Preference Inventory, is an interactive online Cubiks test that creates a virtual map of the candidate's personality.

Prepare for Success

Preparing for these tests is not only recommended, but also completely necessary. As the tests are highly advanced, the companies using them place a lot of emphasis on the results. Taking Cubiks practice tests is guaranteed to help you succeed and get the marks you need to achieve your desired job. 

JobTestPrep offers all the tools  you need to fulfill your potential on the Cubiks assessment tests. We provide practice tests that can be taken in a timed environment, as well as answer explanations detailing the logic and reasoning behind each question. In addition, we have also developed video tutorials and study guides to give you the most comprehensive preparation possible.

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