Prepare for Lufthansa Online Tests, Interview, and Assessment Centre

Have you applied to Lufthansa and are required to take the Lufthansa online tests? Prepare for each of these assessments with the resources contained on this page and get ahead of the competition. The PrepPacks™ available on this page are geared towards the tests that you will take, so start preparing today to give yourself the best chance of success.

Lufthansa Tests
  • Concentration test
  • 2 arithmetic tests and drills
  • Verbal test and drills
  • 2 analytical thinking tests
  • 2 in-tray tasks
  • 5 deductive reasoning drills 
  • 2 checking accuracy drills 
  • 3 study guides

About Lufthansa PrepPacks™

There are quite a number of different career paths to choose from in Lufthansa, from a Lufthansa internship to a number of different Lufthansa graduate schemes. This PrepPack™ offers you full-length mock tests, explanations, score reports and study guides to help you get a coveted spot in Lufthansa or in its graduate programme.

Lufthansa Concentration Test

This test is particularly relevant for those applying for technical positions. However, it may also be used in recruitment to other areas as well. You are asked to locate a certain string of numbers or symbols amongst many lines of similar strings.

Concentration tests are designed to evaluate your ability to focus on monotonous, repetitive tasks, as is often the case in certain real-world jobs. Most jobs demand some degree of concentration, but some positions allow very little space for mistakes, since a mistake could result in a loss of significant amounts of money, or even a loss of lives. Typical such professions are train drivers, air-traffic controllers and, of course, pilots.

Concentration tests usually consist of pages of similar-looking information to work through. However, you are not provided enough time to complete the required tasks, as one of the principle principal goals is to check how much you can cover in a correct manner within the limited timeframe. Thus, concentration tests aim to measure speed and accuracy, as well as vigilance and attention to detail. Two of the most common concentration tests are the Safe Concentration and Attention Test, or SCAAT, and the Group Bourdon Test, also known as dot test.

Lufthansa Arithmetic Test

The numerical reasoning test measures analysis and evaluation skills of complex numerical information. The questions are all based on tables and graphs shown in six separate sheets of data. Each question is a statement that can be true according to the data, false, or the information is insufficient to decide. Arriving at a conclusion requires finding the relevant datasheet and then interpreting the data correctly. This has to be done quickly and efficiently, as there are only 12 minutes to answer 37 questions in total. Becoming familiar with this special test format and practising all these different skills is necessary to be ready for the real test and pass successfully. The offered practice pack includes test simulations, explanations, as well as basic maths guides and exercises, which will help you perform to the best of your ability.

Lufthansa Vocabulary Test

This English test is required for most jobs, as any customer contact or simple dealing with colleagues rely on the ability to understand each other. In this assessment, you will be given a sentence with two words missing from it. It is your job to correctly select the missing words from the options below the text. Grammar is not tested here, only your ability to understand the meaning of the text. Prepare with the basic verbal practice pack, which includes relevant exercises to help improve your English language skills.

Lufthansa English Test

As Lufthansa is a worldwide company, knowledge of the English language is a necessity. For this reason, every employee is expected to have a good understanding of English. This test comprises sentence completion and word meaning questions assessing vocabulary, grammar and correct use of parts of speech (conjunctions and so on). Improve your English skills with the basic verbal practice pack.

Lufthansa Analytical Thinking Test

This test assesses your ability to recognise rules and relationships between different pieces of complex information. 

Lufthansa Email tasks

This is a unique e-tray exercise where you will be given numerous pieces of information and will need to decide the priority rating of each piece. This is used to assess your ability to multi-task and prioritise, thus assessing your leadership abilities.

Lufthansa SJT Competency Based Assessment

This is a situational judgement test, where you are given a variety of realistic work-related situations with five possible responses. Your task is to decide how you would best deal with the situation at hand and rank these responses from best to worst. As air travel can be stressful for passengers and workers alike, your ability to deal with pressure is very important. Candidates applying for customer service related jobs are the most likely to get this test. Familiarising yourself with this unique test and understanding its underlying principles may immensely contribute to how well you perform. 


In-Depth Preparation for Your Lufthansa Tests

Those PrepPacks™ aim to give you the highest quality tools necessary in order to prepare for and pass your Lufthansa tests with confidence. The team of experts have created highly comprehensive practice tests and study guides to ensure that you are always steps ahead of the competition.

Lufthansa Interview

After successful completion of the online tests, you will be invited to take part in a Lufthansa interview which will be conducted over the telephone. This 15-minute interview is used to assess your English conversational skills, personal development, service orientation and ability to work as part of a close-knit group. The interviewer may ask some competency questions; however, they are really trying to assess your language skills more than anything else as your skills will be tested to the full at the Lufthansa assessment centre.

Whilst the above interview questions will be in German you can expect the following to be in English:

  • Why do you want to work for Lufthansa?
  • What are your positive and negative skills?
  • Have you ever been abroad for a long period of time?
  • Where was your last vacation?
  • What did you do and did you enjoy it?

The interview will be in German in the main with the last few minutes in English. However, if you cannot do this you will be asked to take a German language test after the interview. If you are successful at this stage of the application you will move on to the Lufthansa assessment centre.

Lufthansa Assessment Centre

At this stage of the assessment, you will be given different tasks to complete, depending on the role chosen. However, in general, you will go through these steps: The morning of the Lufthansa assessment day is really a recap of all you have done so far. This means that you will have some more Lufthansa aptitude tests and another Lufthansa interview. There may even be some other tests, so make sure you prepare well for every eventuality. The goal of this is really to see if you will fit into the Lufthansa team. In the afternoon you will be given a further set of tasks:

The Lufthansa case study and Lufthansa presentation – In the case study exercise, you are given a package of information about a week before your actual assessment day. This information is not in German but in English. You will have to read and understand this information and then give a 10-minute presentation on the subject in English. Even though the rest of the day is in German, this part is in English.

The Lufthansa role play – Together with one member of the assessing team you are given a role to play where you have to deal with a Lufthansa customer (played by the assessor). You have to show your knowledge of the company and deal with the problem in an easy and direct manner.

The Lufthansa group activity – In this section, you are in a group of about six people. First of all, you will need to give a self-introduction for about two minutes and then the activity will start in earnest. You are given some information on the aviation industry and 10 minutes to go read through it all. You will then have a 45-minute discussion about it. The goal here is to make sure that you are heard and that you are result oriented. Read more about group exercises and how you can succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions from Lufthansa Candidates – Let’s Dig In!

What Is the Purpose of the Lufthansa Aptitude Tests?

Lufthansa uses aptitude tests to measure and understand your workplace competencies and capabilities. These tests are often scored by taking your score and comparing it to that of other candidates, then comparing all scores to the benchmark score.

How Are Verbal Reasoning Test Results Measured?

Applicants’ results on the Verbal Test are not measured by their correct answers; that is, by a raw score. Your scores are rather counted relative to scores received by other employees who are either competing for the same role or are employed in similar positions. This method of measuring applicants’ results on the Verbal Test lets employers hire not just those people who do well but those who are among the top scorers. This method also makes the test more difficult, because even if your score is objectively high, it still may prove insufficient when compared to the scores of others. Suppose you receive such a high mark on your Verbal Test as 91. Were the test evaluated according to your raw score, you would stand a good chance of being shortlisted for an interview. But if most of the applicants score higher than 91, your result would be deemed low and you would not be invited to move to the next level in your application process. Judged against other people’s achievements, you surely need to prepare for the test in advance. Practise with the sophisticated resources, outperform other people on your examination and avail yourself of the opportunity to leave a favourable impression on your recruiters during your face-to-face interview with them.

How Is the Situational Judgement Test Structured?

The Lufthansa’s SJT test may come in several formats and it is important for you to be aware of the various possibilities. Some tests are linear based, while others are interactive in nature. So, what’s the difference? The linear format presents a number of questions to each applicant and in the same order, while interactive uses branching, meaning each answer will dictate the next series of questions. Questions and answers will vary from a specific work scenario with one unique solution to possibly multiple issues requiring multiple solutions. While there is no per se the right or wrong answer. While there is no right or wrong answer, scores are based on the best and worst alternatives as the tester sees it.

Why Should I Prepare for My Lufthansa Test?

Preparing for this and any kind of test beforehand will always give you an advantage. By preparing prior to your Lufthansa assessment tests, you will be able to familiarise yourself with the material and the correct responses. In this way, you will strengthen your ability to outshine the other candidates who will also be taking the same tests.

How Can this product Help Me Prepare for the Lufthansa Assessment Centre?

This PrepPack™ offers a number of preparation materials for the Lufthansa assessment centre. The Assessment Centre pack is an essential part of this Lufthansa PrepPack™ as it contains tips on how to compose yourself while participating in the assessment centre and job simulations that mimic the sorts of activities you will be engaging in while there. The assessment centre is an important means for Lufthansa to obtain a well-rounded profile of all participants in regard to their suitability for the position, as well as their compatibility with the company’s standards.