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If at some point you don’t understand the questions or you are uncertain on how to proceed don't worry, our Excel prep packs feature tests and tutorials covering these topics and many more.
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Interactive Test Questions

We have gathered a few sample questions to give you a sense of what your might face on you test.

Please copy the table below and paste it in a new Excel SpreadSheet. Make sure the table is aligned correctly and that the cell marked (A1) is pasted in Cell A1 on the Spreadsheet.

Producer (A1) Model Type Full Model Name Year Yearly Sales
Vonda GLE Mini Vonda GLE 2009 65
Zord Triple Pick-Up 2010 85
Gaudi Zoom Mini 2010 45
Menz Citrus Family 2009 65
Buzuki Sun Family 2008 70

Basic Level Questions

  1. Change the table's alignment to Center.
  2. Insert a new column Below Menz.
  3. Set the Page Orientation to Landscape.

Intermediate-Advanced Level Questions

  1. Highlight all cells with Yearly Sales above 60 (mil. $).
  2. In cell D3, write a function that combines the "Maker" and the “Type” (like in cell D2).
  3. Create a PivotTable for Annual Sales per Year.

Multiple Choice Test Questions

Submit your answers to the questions below and fill the consequent form. A PDF file with the answers and explanation will be sent to the Email provided by you.
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