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Taking the ChatAssess Test

Shortly after you have completed the application process to your employer, you will receive an email including a link to the ChatAssess test. This assessment is intended to measure your fit for the position, as well as giving you a glimpse into the actual tasks and interactions you will face as an employee.

What Is the ChatAssess Test?

The AON cut-e ChatAssess is a new, unique test format, designed to assess how you respond to workplace situations, with special attention to the main skills required for your job.

The test includes approximately 15-20 short questions, which will be presented to you in the form of a chat. Throughout the test, you will be getting questions and assignments from team members, colleagues and managers, and will be required to respond.

Here is a sample question adapted from the actual test:

Deloitte graduate program assessment sample

Why Is It Important to Prepare?

Although the ChatAssess may seem casual and informal, it is basically a very common, classical behavioral testing method known as situational judgement test (SJT).

SJTs create a profile of your personal and behavioral traits from your response to various scenarios. The trick is to remember that the correct answer in an SJT is not the best response for you as a person, but as an employee.

Psychological research has shown that it is difficult to develop the ability to put yourself in the place of another and respond in a way which goes against your personal beliefs and tendencies. In life as in a testing environment, it is a skill that requires practice to master.

The ChatAssess Structure and Content

ChatAssess Fact Sheet

No. of questions (messages) 15-20
Allotted time 30 minutes
Recommended time 15-20 minutes
No. of correspondents 4-7
No. of options per question 3-5

The "Inbox" Structure

Your home screen will be shaped as an inbox, where you will be receiving text messages from 4-5 people within your company. These messages will usually have some form of request (advice to a colleague, help to a manager from a different department, etc.).

You will not be required to solve anything. Your only task is to respond to the situation, stating which course of action you will take.


Conflict Resolution

Note that the scenarios presented in the message will usually have some sort of conflict. For instance:

deloitte graduate assessment sample question


It is important that you understand how you should behave as an employee, and find the delicate balance between various ways of action, such as:

  • Helping colleagues <--> Maintaining your own schedule
  • Being independent <--> Consult with superiors when necessary
  • Thoroughness and work quality <--> Adherence to schedule
  • Respecting fellow workers <--> Addressing problems in their work

Correspondent Profiles

Another feature to take into consideration in the ChatAssess test is the position of the person you are responding to.

Each correspondent in your inbox will have a brief profile detailing their name, position, and some additional comments. Here’s a sample profile, adapted from the actual test:

deloitte graduate program sample profile

As you would have considered the person’s position and status in the company when responding in a real job setting, it is important to consider it in the assessment as well. It is naturally more reasonable to kindly refuse a request from an intern than from the department manager.

Preparing for the ChatAssess

The ChatAssess is used as a screening tool for some of the most desirable companies in the UK and Ireland. Don’t let lack of preparation get you to miss an opportunity to be on their team. Even if you feel confident in your responses, it is highly important to have some experience with situational judgment tests and learn what it the type of behavior your employer expects to see.

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