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What's Included

  • 1 full-length cut-e-style Spatial Orientation (scales ndb) practice test 
  • 1 full-length cut-e-style Situational Behavior (squares) practice tests
  • 4 full-length cut-e-style Verbal Ability (scales verbal) practice tests
  • 13 additional numerical drills (for the Applied Numeracy test, scales tmt).
  • 8 study guides and video tutorials
  • Money back guarantee - see terms and conditions 

Note: This PrepPack™ does not include the following test sections: Spatial awareness, complex control, monitoring ability or multi-tasking.


This PrepPack™ offers cut-e-style spatial orientation, situational behaviour, verbal ability and applied numeracy drills, guides and tutorials.

Aer Lingus Assessment Tests

The Aer Lingus assessment tests often include the following tests. Please note, the Aer Lingus cut-e-style PrepPack™ provides preparation materials for the following test sections: spatial orientation, situational behaviour, verbal ability and applied numeracy. The preparation does not include the following test sections: Spatial awareness, complex control, monitoring ability or multi-tasking.

  • Numerical Reasoning - these tests assess a range of skills, from basic numerical knowledge to an in-depth analysis of charts and tables.
  • Verbal Reasoning - these assess a range of verbal abilities, including following instructions, detecting and using verbal information, interpreting and drawing conclusions from complex verbal information. 
  • Behavioural/Work-related Behaviour - this assesses your work style and includes questions about how you behave in the workplace.
  • Applied Numeracy - this section tests your skills in different mathematical topics, such as diameters, decimals and fractions.
  • Spatial Awareness - spatial orientation is assessed with a VOR test, with tasks such as reading the dials on an aircraft simulation and knowing where the aircraft is located. (Preparation not included in the pack)
  • Complex Control - this flying simulation evaluates your technical awareness through measures of eye and hand coordination.(Preparation not included in the pack)
  • Monitoring Ability - your monitoring ability is measured with a radar task, where you are asked to count the number of returns (moving dots) on a screen, while they are moving in different directions and speeds.(Preparation not included in the pack)
  • Multi-tasking Capability - this test requires simultaneously working on three tasks on different screens, such as solving math calculations, detecting letter sequences and aligning an aircraft with a runway. (Preparation not included in the pack)
  • Reaction Speed - this involves a simulation of flying through a tunnel.



The Most Efficient Way to Prepare

Competition in the labour market has lately been getting more and more fierce. More and more people have been enhancing expertise in their fields, raising the bar for all job applicants. Pre-employment tests have also become more difficult, as a result. Passing them now cannot be done impromptu. You should study hard if you want to receive high scores and become employed. We have put forth an all-out effort to facilitate your learning process and bring you to successful completion of your assessment. Our sophisticated resources will sharpen your knowledge and skills and will help you shoot ahead of your competitors. Increase your chances of receiving a wished-for job offer by practising with our tests, drills and study guides.


Aer Lingus Interview Assessment

If you manage to successfully pass the online tests, you will be invited to an Aer Lingus interview. This interview usually lasts about 45 minutes. Interviews can be the most nerve-wracking part of the process, but preparation is the key to help you stay calm and focused. With the help of our Interview PrepPack™, you can ensure a stellar performance during your interview.

Aer Lingus Assessment Centre

Some employers have come to the conclusion that applicants’ personality and professionalism do not shine sufficiently through in interviews and even on tests. To help them demonstrate their talents more expressly and fully, many companies have opened an assessment centre, where they test job candidates’ suitability for an advertised position by a combination of tasks and activities. Employers believe that assessment centres allow applicants to show a wider scope of talents than revealed on tests or during interviews. Events hosted at such assessment centres are of various lengths, ranging from half a day to two days. With many prospective employees invited to pre-employment events, job candidates for a position are usually grouped with their competitors and evaluated against their performance. There are several eliminations done during the event, so that not all job candidates arrive to the final stage of the assessment involving an interview with the higher management of the company. Only those job candidates who convincingly demonstrated adaptability, analytical thinking, commercial awareness and leadership are usually invited for the final interview that often culminates in a job offer.

Questions and Answers on the Air Lingus Application Process

How is Aer Lingus Personality Test Evaluated?

When completing a personality test, it is important you understand the nature of this test. The purpose of this assessment is to establish, based on your personality and behavioural style, if you will do the job, if you can do the work and if you would actually fit the position. The questions will target work-related activities such as managing stakeholders, working in groups, complying with regulations, problem-solving, leadership skills, coping with pressure and stress. You should also determine which personality traits are important for Aer Lingus and for your desired position. For example, an HR manager’s scores are supposed to reflect her communication and organizational skills, whereas for a sales position, a competitive and initiative nature is favoured.

What is the Aer Lingus Panel Interview?

A panel interview is a part of the Aer Lingus face-to-face interview that usually takes place in one of its locations. Unlike other in-person interviews during which you talk to one or maximum two recruiters, the panel interview presupposes an interview with four or five people simultaneously. Usually, you will have a conversation with a Human Resources representative, managers of several departments, your prospective managers and team leaders. Questions asked in the panel interview are usually competency-based. However, you can also expect situational questions, in which you will describe a situation where you encountered and successfully solved a problem by taking certain actions. If you apply for a technical position, you may also be asked technical questions aimed to evaluate your professionalism. The panel interview may last up to several hours.

How Long Should an Applicant Stay at an Assessment Centre?

The length of an event at an assessment centre varies from company to company. Some companies invite job candidates to their assessment centres for several hours, letting them go home in the afternoon; some organize more prolonged events that require applicants’ presence at the assessment centre for two full days. When you are invited for two days, you will be provided with accommodation in a nearby hotel. Bear in mind, however, that if you are asked to come for a full day or for two days to the company’s assessment centre, this does not mean that you will stay till the end. Pre-employment events have many stages, after each of which less successful candidates become eliminated and sent home. Only the most suitable applicants remain at the assessment centre until the closure of the event and have a final interview with the company’s high managers.



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