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What Are cut-e Personality and Integrity Tests?

The cut-e squares (integrity test) and the cut-e shapes (personality test) are both popular assessments used to determine whether candidates are suitable for the role they are applying for.

The cut-e squares assessment is an integrity test aimed at identifying individuals who are prone to counterproductive work behaviour (CWB). Thus, employers can detect whether candidates are likely to display unwanted behavioural tendencies in the workplace.

The cut-e shapes assessment is a competency-based personality assessment which makes use of its adaptive and customised questionnaire system to evaluate test-takers' work-based personality characteristics.

 cut-e squares – Integrity Test

This test is used to determine which applicants are more prone to counterproductive work behaviour (CWB), i.e. behaviours that conflict with the employers' interests. 

Some factors which contribute to the likelihood that one will engage in amoral behaviour are; distraction, ambiguity, boredom, indifference, opportunism and superficiality. These factors apply a unique pressure on each individual who encounters them.

There are several specific personal attributes which allow individuals to avoid reacting to these counterproductive work behaviours. Therefore, this exam also assesses whether candidates possess these essential characteristics which help them successfully handle CWB.

Successfully handling CWB requires one to be:

Cautious to deal with opportunism
Conscientious to deal with superficiality
Disciplined to deal with boredom
✔ Empathetic to deal with indifference
✔ Honest to deal with ambiguity
✔ Reflective to deal with boredom


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How Is the cut-e squares Test Performed?

The cut-e squares test includes many statements which test-takers must read and then choose the option that best describes them on the provided scale.

This scale is shown as a bar, which ranges between “Holds less true for me than for others”, to “Holds equally true for me and for others” and finally to “Holds more true for me and for the others”.

Test-takers are essentially asked to click the point on the bar which indicates where they fall, rating their own behaviour and personality traits in comparison with others.

This questionnaire is based on a model of counter-productive behaviour that acknowledges one’s particular situation. The time allotted for the test is 10 minutes, not including the time it takes to go through the instructions.


cut-e Personality Test - Sample Question

cut-e Personality Test - Sample Question



cut-e Personality Test - Sample Question


5 Expert Tips: Develop a Strategy for Answering the Questions Quickly and Accurately

1) Your reaction time is measured and may have an effect on your overall score. Therefore, keeping the response time approximately the same for all questions is encouraged. Keep in mind that heavy deviations from your own mean reaction time are taken into account.

2) Try to avoid making any corrections once you’ve recorded a response since corrections are also considered.

3) Don't spend too much time thinking over any question – usually, the first answer that comes to mind is the one you should choose.

4) Answer every question - do not skip any.

5) Avoid marking a neutral answer option.

How Is the cut-e squares Test Scored?

When taking this test, keep in mind that you may be asked about the same personality trait from two different perspectives.

For example, to evaluate your level of empathy, the statement might be positive: “I often feel concerned for people less fortunate than I”, or negative: “I am annoyed by unhappy people who are just sorry for themselves”.

In each scale, there are exactly three positive and three negative statements. Since the cut-e squares test measures integrity only, all six scores are summed together to form a single integrity score.

The higher the score, the better. If you practise recognising the trait behind each question, you can have an influence on your score.


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cut-e shapes - Personality Test 

The given cut-e shapes test questions are brief and precise, measuring applicants’ reactions to the proposed statements in a fast and all-encompassing manner.

The questionnaire on this assessment is adaptive, meaning that the provided statements differ based on the way each test-taker responds.

There are specific versions of the cut-e personality assessment, each of which are tailored for the position one is applying for. In each of these versions, test-takers are shown 3 different statements on each page and are told to rate how accurately each statement describes them.

This method of rating is done by distributing a total of 6 points provided per page, amongst the 3 different answers.

The three types of cut-e shapes tests can be found below: SalesGraduate and Management.

cut-e shapes - Sales

Who this test is for: This cut-e shapes test assesses individuals interested in sales or customer service roles, to determine whether they possess the desirable traits and behavioural patterns needed.

What this test includes: This version of the cut-e shapes test is based on 24 traits, each with 6 questions, and takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Why this test is used: The sales version of the cut-e shapes test provides employers with a test-taker's profile. This profile can be used to make hiring or promotion decisions with regards to roles which require customer contact or sales.

cut-e shapes - Graduate

Who this test is for: This cut-e shapes assessment measures graduates, to build an understanding of how their personality traits influence their work-related behaviour.

What this test includes: The given questionnaire is based on 18 traits, each with 6 questions, and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Why this test is used: The graduate version of the cut-e personality questionnaire is implemented to help employers hire or promote graduates.

cut-e shapes – Management

Who this test is for: This cut-e shapes evaluation is used to identify one’s personality traits, to determine whether they possess the desirable work-based characteristics for those in middle to senior management job roles.

What this test includes: This version of the test is based on 18 traits, each with 8 questions, and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Why this test is used: The management version of this assessment is given to make informed hiring and promotion decisions for those in commercial and technical roles.



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