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How are Psychometric Tests Used for Recruitment?

Some job seekers believe that a strong resume speaks louder than test results, and while that may be true for jobs with low competition (under 10 applicants), it becomes less true as competition rises, especially above 50 applicants. The greater the number of applicants, the heavier consideration is given to tests in the recruitment process.

Practically, this means that in many cases, only the top 5-10% of test takers are even considered for an interview, as the aim is to narrow the pool of applicants down to 10-20 candidates. In short, when applying for companies running wide-scale recruitment, scoring very high on the test is critical.


Why is a High Psychometric Test Score Important?

A high psychometric test score has the potential to transform your career in the following three ways:

  • Successful Job Interview - Your chances of getting hired will rise significantly since high scorers are give top priority during the selection process. 
  • Potential for Higher Salary - Companies typically offer higher salaries to candidates who stand out from the pack with excellent psychometric test scores.
  • Future Promotional Opportunities - Psychometric test results will be stored in your personal portfolio. Once an opportunity arises for promotion, your test scores will be considered by the company when evaluating your potential to take on more responsibility.

How Can I Prepare for a Psychometric Test Online?

Increase your score on your fast-approaching psychometric test with full access to our test prep resources. If you are not fully satisfied, we offer a money-back guarantee.


Types of Psychometric Test

In many cases, applicants will receive an email with specific instructions as to what test they must complete when applying online. For example, you could receive an email from a potential employer stating that you must take the SHL exam within 3 days. With this information in hand, you can find a professional practice resources to prepare you to ace the test. 

Sometimes it may be impossible to know exactly which test you will be required to sit. In this scenario we recommend acquiring an all-inclusive preparation pack so that you can prepare for all test types. JobTestPrep offers a customised PrepPack™, providing candidates with a wide array of practice tests to help them prepare.


Commonly Used Psychometric Tests

If you're going to take a psychometric test, you are likely to face one of the following. We made free sample tests and questions for each of the following:




Which Psychometric Test Matters More: Aptitude or Personality? 

In cases where the recruitment process includes both aptitude and personality tests, the personality tests are often more influential in the final hiring decision. This is because personality tests provide an in-depth report of candidates’ character traits, which can help recruiters determine which applicants are the best fit for the job. These attributes include assertiveness, dominance, motivation, responsibility, reliability, communication skills, organizational ability and much more.

Your chance of getting hired for the desired position is improved when the traits that the personality exam shows you possess match the ones required for the job you are seeking. So, preparing for personality tests can boost your chances of landing the job.

In cases where the recruitment process includes aptitude tests without a personality test, the sections of the aptitude test that are most relevant to the position are the most crucial. For example, spatial and mechanical reasoning might be weighed more heavily for an engineer, while verbal reasoning might be weighed more heavily for a communications specialist. Many recruiters utilise brief aptitude tests during the hiring process, as explained in the following section about online exams.

Online Psychometric Testing and ATS Recruitment Systems

Since most job recruitment now takes place online, many psychometric tests are also conducted on the internet. In some cases, candidates may even receive an email while applying with a link to to a test they will be required to complete online.

Additionally, some companies administer psychometric tests as part of the application process itself. When applicants choose a position from available job boards, they may be automatically transferred to an application tracking system (ATS). An ATS is a third-party platform used by employers to manage their hiring process. Switching to the ATS system may occur as soon as one clicks on the button to apply, after which candidates can fill in their details, attach their CV, answer personal background questions and possibly take a brief screening test (about 12 minutes).

Candidates who pass the initial screening test may be asked to take a short personality test, followed by an online interview. These brief assessments are used to reduce the likelihood that candidates will get discouraged and drop out during the process. Candidates may be asked to perform aptitude tests at the company’s location, in which case the test process may take about 3 hours.


Can You Fail a Psychometric Test?

If you do not score in the top 20% of applicants in psychometric screening, it is highly unlikely that you will be invited for an interview, let alone offered a position. And remember, you must pass both aptitude and psychometric screening in order to continue in the hiring process. Increase your score on your fast-arriving psychometric test with access to our complete library of test prep resources, organized by employer and test type. We stand behind all of our products with a money-back guaranty.


Practice Free Psychometric Tests

Numerical Reasoning Test
With 6 primary test providers and numerous variations of the numerical reasoning test, properly preparing can be a challenge. JobTestPrep has put together a free sample test, taking into account the styles and formats of all test providers.

Take a free numerical test now


Verbal Reasoning Test
Not all Verbal reasoning tests are alike and knowing how to start prepping can be confusing. JobTestPrep makes it simple by laying out several test variations in one free test.

Take a free verbal reasoning test now


Logical Reasoning Test
JobTestPrep helps you prepare for this test by giving you all the common logical rules to answer each type of test question on a silver platter.

Take a free inductive reasoning test now


Mechanical Reasoning Test
Speed and accuracy are essential when taking a mechanical reasoning test, but also preparing for the right level of difficulty in regard to the questions can also be a challenge.

Take a free mechanical test now


Spatial Reasoning Test
From images to a whole range of items, our spatial reasoning practice test give you ample practise in assembling and disassembling and showing you how to draw quick conclusions even from the limited information presented to you.

Take a free spatial test now


Personality Test
If you want to get questions very similar to the ones you will see on the real test, then you have come to the right place. Our free test will give you the confidence to answer questions in real-time and give you a sense of what to expect so that you can come to the test calm and ready to succeed.

Take a free personality test now


Situational Judgement Test
JobTestPrep fully readies you for this test, by covering the four primary competencies involved, including; social intelligence (teamwork, support, motivation) and cognitive abilities (prioritizing, planning, and problem-solving) and job performance (creativity, resilience, learning and development.) Questions will be formatted like the real test with scenarios, responses, and instructions. So, let's try the free test.

Take a free test now


Excel Test
Our free practise test provides you with both in-depth preparation with a personalized touch. All questions mirror the real live exam, giving you an advantage over the competition.

See excel sample questions now


Critical Thinking Test
The most common Critical Thinking test is the Watson Glaser test.

Take a free Watson Glaser practice test, and learn all about the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal on this page.

Play Video preview image
Play Video preview image

Psychometric Tests Beginner's Guide

Read and watch our beginner's guide to psychometric tests. Learn the basics directly from our experts to get a sure footing on the challenge ahead.

Advanced Psychometric Prep Guide

Get the advantage with example questions and answers with pro tips and solving techniques.


How Can I Prepare for a Psychometric Test?

Increase your score on your fast arriving psychometric test with full access to our full prep resources. If you are not fully satisfied, get your money back guaranteed!


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