SHL Numerical Reasoning Test Practice & Answers [2022 Upd.]

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What Is the SHL Numerical Reasoning Test?

SHL Numerical Reasoning tests are designed to evaluate the ability of candidates to work with numerical data and use maths. The test consists of word problems, numerical calculations, and charts and graphs. It comes in three versions: CEB Verify, Verify G+ Non-Interactive and Verify G+ Interactive, which differ in their question types, difficulty, and time limits.

What to Expect on the SHL Numerical Test? (There Are Three Different Versions)

SHL's Numerical Reasoning tests have three main versions that are being used in 2021. These are: CEB Verify Numerical, Verify G+ Numerical Interactive, and Verify G+ Non-interactive.

Below, you'll see an overview of the tests, alongside example questions with full explanations. 

SHL Verify G+ Numerical Reasoning Test (Interactive)

Number of questions: 10

Time limit: 18 minutes

Unique instructions: the instructions will specifically say “…an activity-based test that allows you to drag, drop, and interact…”

The Verify Interactive Numerical Reasoning test is one of SHL’s new assessments. While it’s much more engaging for the test-takers, it is also more complex and takes longer to solve.

That’s because you have to consume long instructions, analyse data, make calculations, and finally tweak and interact with graphs, charts, and pies.

(All of that in less than 2 minutes per question)

Let’s see it in action in this 4-question free SHL numerical Interactive sample test:



Are Calculators Allowed in the SHL Test?

Calculators are usually not allowed on the SHL Numerical tests, and you must rely on your mental maths skills and quick calculations on paper. Nevertheless, your specific test instructions will clearly say what is allowed to use before you start your assessment.

SHL Verify G+ Numerical Reasoning Test (Non-Interactive)

Number of questions: 16

Time limit: 20 minutes

Unique guidelines: “After each question, there are four or five response options.” And “Click on the answer…” indicates it’s not an interactive assessment.

The Verify Non-Interactive Numerical reasoning test is a classic multiple-choice assessment. Here, you usually face tables, graphs, or charts with some data on them, and you need to choose the correct answer. No interactions, tweaking, or games.

And that’s also the reason you have less time to solve every question - about 75 seconds per each.

Give it a try with this free 4-question SHL Numerical Non-interactive test:



SHL CEB Verify Numerical Reasoning Test

Number of questions: 18

Time limit: 25 minutes

The SHL CEB Numerical Reasoning test is much easier to identify because you’ll see CEB’s logo in the top left corner of the instructions screen. This is the only version in which you’ll see the logo.

The CEB Numerical test is increasingly becoming obsolete, but several companies still use it so there’s a chance you’ll get this version.
Let’s take a look at a sample currency question:

CEB SHL Numerical Reasoning Currency Sample Question

SHL Numerical Currency Sample Question

How many GBP can be purchased for 7500 CAD?

A. 11.772
B. 4776
C. 477.7
D. 8720
E. 6369
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

7500 CAD*0.6369=4776.75 GBP.

This means you can buy 4776 GBP with 7500 CAD since you don't quite have enough CAD to buy 4777 GBP.

How Hard Is the SHL Numerical Reasoning Test?

The most challenging elements of the SHL Numerical Reasoning test are the time frame and the information overload that some questions present. You’ll often have little more than 60 seconds to answer every question, and for some, a slight misreading of a question will cause you to lose marks.

Which leads us to the next part…

How to Practise for the SHL Numerical Test (& Why the SHL Direct Numerical Practice Might Not Be Enough)

On the official assessment email, SHL invites you to try sample numerical questions and practice tests using its preparation site, SHL Direct.

But there are three problems with that:

#1 They don’t tell you which version to practise (you’ve already learned there are three different versions). Also, you can only complete their practice test once and to retake it you'll need to use a different email every time.

#2 You don’t get to see what questions you got wrong, nor you get any solutions or explanations (yes, that’s annoying). But hey, we did that for you! Check out the full solution to SHL's Numerical Reasoning Practice Test.

#3 The practice tests don’t include the wide variety of questions you’ll see on the real test. Additionally, the difficulty level on the practice material is easier. In fact, SHL says on their site that the “difficulty level of the practice tests may not exactly reflect the level of difficulty of the test you will be asked to complete.”

Or in other words: Don’t count on these practice tests to accurately reflect the real deal and expect to see much more challenging questions.

So, now you understand why relying only on the SHL Direct practice tests is not enough.

But if you’re looking for an exact mirror experience of the real SHL Numerical assessments, JobTestPrep’s preparation pack will be a perfect fit.

Here’s what we have in store for you:

  • A question bank of hundreds of SHL-style Numerical practice questions, including the new Verify G+ Interactive version.
  • Full explanations and solving tips to ensure you understand the logic and thought process behind every solution and not just the correct answer.
  • Realistic difficulty levels and time limits, so you get comfortable working under time pressure, which is a HUGE advantage on this test.
  • Easily digestible video tutorials and study guides for those who haven’t touched maths for years and want to review the basics from square one.

Instant Access & Money-back Guarantee


Have less than 3 days to prep? You can still make it!

We are not going to teach you all maths basics from scratch in less than 3 days. But we ARE going to give you precisely what you need to pass your SHL numerical test. Because that’s what matters most, right?

How to Get Answers to the Real SHL Numerical Test?

If you're looking for a cheat sheet that has all the answers to the actual SHL Numerical Reasoning test, we have good and bad news for you.

The bad news is that we don't have a magic PDF with all the answers to the actual assessment.

In fact, no one on the internet has (and don't let them tell you otherwise).

SHL holds a question bank of hundreds of numerical reasoning questions that change with time. And getting your hands on this question bank is impossible.

But even if you do, how would you know which of the questions will appear on YOUR test? Would you be able to memorise all hundreds of questions and their correct answers?

Now, to the good news:

You can find a massive bank of SHL numerical practice questions with full answers, explanations, and solving tips on this page.

The more you practise these, the faster you master the solving techniques, and no question will catch you by surprise, no matter its difficulty level.

Because overall, SHL uses the same question types and formats across its numerical tests. So you don't need any PDF cheat sheets. You just need some practice and experience with these question types.

That's all there is to it.

How to Know Which SHL Numerical Test Version You’ll Be Taking?

The SHL Numerical test is sent to candidates either as a standalone test, like the Amazon SHL Numerical Reasoning test, or as part of the larger SHL General Ability test (also including Inductive and Deductive sections).

Now, the assessment invitation you get from SHL is one of the vaguest parts of your recruitment process.

SHL Test Announcement Invitation

Your test invitation will include the assessment’s name, the overall time limit, and what you’re allowed to use (i.e., pen and paper).

That said, this email won’t reveal which of the three versions you’ll be taking and what you’re up against. For example, you won’t be able to distinguish if you got the interactive version or the non-interactive one.

For that, you’ll need to click on the assessment’s link and read the assessment’s intro and instructions.

(don’t worry, clicking on the link won’t start the test)

SHL Test Invitation Announcement Link

In the next screen, you’ll see three details that will help uncover the test you’re about to take.

  • No. of questions
  • Time limit
  • Instructions / guidelines

Use the overview of the different tests above to uncover the test version you’re going to take.

Identifying which SHL Numerical test version you’ll be taking is key, because it impacts your whole practice process. That said, don’t worry if you can’t detect your version, since we got you covered with a complete preparation pack for all three tests mentioned above.

How the SHL Numerical Tests are Scored & What Are the Result’s Key Takeaways

Once you complete the SHL Numerical assessment, you’ll receive a “Candidate Assessment Report” that includes both feedback and scoring.

Note that the SHL Numerical Reasoning test scores are comparative.

This means that your scores are being compared to a large group of candidates who took these tests in the past (graduates/interns/seniors, etc.).

There are five percentile scores, from A to E, and your score will be placed in one of them, as you can see in this illustration:

SHL Test Results Sample

The higher you score, the closer you’ll be to group “A”, meaning chances are high that you’ve passed the test.

Generally, it’s safe to say that the pass mark is around 80%, and in this case, it’s group “B” and above.

5 Tips and Tricks to Boost Your SHL Numerical Reasoning Test Score

  • The SHL Numerical tests include lots of chart question types. When dealing with two-axes charts, be aware of: Time elements (days, months, years etc. that will mostly appear on the horizontal ("X") axis, and Quantity elements that will mostly appear on the vertical ("Y") axis.

    Axes being swapped around or mismatched are one of the most common things you’ll encounter on the test, so pay extra attention to this.

  • Ensure you read the questions carefully and don’t rush to choose a potentially wrong answer, as this is where many candidates tend to fall. To lower the chances of getting a question wrong when time’s running out, use the educated guessing technique (explained in detail in our preparation pack).

  • If you have enough prep time before the test, ensure you have strong maths foundations, especially if you’ve been out of school for a while. Tripping on small things like decimals, fractions, and percentages conversions would be a real shame.

  • Ensure not to leave any blank questions. Every question left unanswered will result in score reduction.

  • Avoid generic Numerical Reasoning practice tests like the plague. The internet is packed with Numerical practice materials that look nothing like the real SHL tests. They might be good for practising your overall numerical reasoning skills, but they are no good for learning what to expect on the actual test.



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