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Why Should I Prepare for CEB's SHL Tests?

Whether you are applying for a position in a Global Fortune 500 company or in a small business, there is a good chance you will be required to take one of CEB's SHL numerical tests. These tests are usually given in a preliminary stage of the recruitment process and are used as a way of screening candidates. Quite often, the employer sets a pass mark, which you have to achieve in order to continue to further stages of the recruitment process.

Since failing to reach this score will end your chances of getting the job you want, it is extremely important that you do your best to prepare for the test. Preparing for CEB's SHL numerical tests is even more important as your score is relative and determined in comparison to a norm group of people with a similar educational background. Since most candidates prepare for these tests, you should practice as much as you can in order to stand out from the crowd.

More Information and Tips on CEB's SHL Tests

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Take one of our free CEB's SHL-style tests as a first step towards preparing for your numerical test. Each of these tests is designed to reflect the specific types of questions and difficulty level of the tests delivered to certain job levels. After completing the test, you will get a score report and have the opportunity to view correct answers and explanations for all questions.

To get an edge over your competition, continue practising with JobTestPrep. Choose one of our CEB's SHL-style level-specific practice and get access to our rich collection of practice tests and study aides. 

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