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Are you interested in a position in maintenance, production or other technical-related fields? You may be required to take the Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test. Prepare for the test with JobTestPrep and ensure you are fully prepared for the big day. 

Ramsay Mechanical Tests
  • 2 full-length Ramsay institute-style MAT practice tests
  • 21 mechanical aptitude practice drills
  • 1 mechanical and electrical study guide
  • 2 full-length Ramsay institute-style Mectest practice tests
  • 5 study guides

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With this PrepPack™ you will gain access to two full-length Ramsay-style MAT and MecTest-style practice tests along with 21 mechanical aptitude practice tests. Alongside the actual tests, you will get a mechanical and electrical study guide giving you the tips and skills you need to pass the real tests that you have to take.

Test Format & Content

The Ramsay Mechanical Test, made by Ramsay Corporation, consists of 36 multiple-choice items with a 20-minute time limit. The categories that are tested include the following:

  • Household Objects (i.e. watering can)
  • Hand & Power Tools
  • Work – Production & Maintenance
  • School – Science & Physics (basic, high school level concepts)

The Ramsay Corporation Mechanical Aptitude Test assesses one's ability to learn the activities of production and maintenance jobs. Instead of evaluating knowledge and skill level, the Ramsay test measures the likelihood of an individual to succeed in a maintenance trainee or apprenticeship programme. The Ramsay Mechanical Test is used to aid in employee selection for positions where practical mechanical skill and knowledge are required.

For a better understanding of the Ramsay test, check out the following video:


Who Takes the Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test?

Individuals interested in apprenticeship or trainee programs in the following fields may be required to take the Ramsay Mechanical Test:

Job TypeOccupation
MaintenanceMaintenance mechanics
Industrial machinery mechanics
ProductionMachine operators
Tool setters

Which Companies Use the Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test?

Wheatland Tube Zekelman IndustriesMillwright apprentice.