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Personality tests are used to expose your deeper, more under-the-surface layers that cannot be seen during the job interview. Their purpose is to help employers understand whether your own personal profile matches the position they are looking to fill.

How do Thomas decide if my profile is a match?

The Thomas personality assessment is used in conjunction with another tool, Thomas Job, which identifies the ideal behavioural qualities and competencies required for a certain position. Thomas compare the results of your assessment to the Job profile and base their decision on how well the two profiles match.

What does the Thomas PPA test include?

The Thomas Personality Profile Assessment (PPA) is a short, 8-minute questionnaire. In each question you are presented with four words that describe different behavioural responses to work situations. You need to think of yourself in a working environment and then pick one word that best describes your likely reaction, and one that least describes it.

Thus, the PPA assessment is able to evaluate your personal strengths and weaknesses, what drives you and what challenges you, which situations make you feel uncomfortable and so on. We are often unaware of these traits of ours, and are unable to emphasise the best of them in a job interview.

Should I practise for the Thomas PPA test?

Practising any test allows to be more relaxed and confident upon taking the real test. Moreover, in this case, understanding the principles underlying personality tests enables you to recognise your own traits more acutely. This can help you to build a complimenting personality profile, choosing to emphasise specific traits you think fit the job you are applying for. Thus, preparing in advance for this Thomas behavioural assessment can significantly improve the chances of getting the job you want.

How can JobTestPrep help?

We offer a comprehensive personality test practice pack, with professional guidance through the realm of personality tests. Our study guide will teach you all you need to know about these tests and help you learn a lot about yourself. You will also receive feedback that will assist you in improving your performance so that your profile will better suit that of the job you are after. Use JobTestPrep's pack to prepare for the Thomas International PPA test!

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