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What is the Thomas International PPA Test?

The Thomas International Personality Profile Assessment (PPA test) is a popular personality test which employers administer to evaluate candidates’ character traits in a more thorough way to determine whether they will be a proper fit for the job.

The PPA test assesses one’s choice of adjectives, each of which reflects their behavioural tendencies and personality in a workplace setting that wouldn’t necessarily be shown during a job interview.

The PPA test will build your personal profile to portray how four traits, i.e. Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance rank within the personality to form one’s unique character. These traits are known as the DISC personality types.

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What Does the PPA Test Contain?

The Thomas Personality Profile Assessment (PPA test) takes anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes to complete. Your personality traits will be measured and split into four DISC factors: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Compliance (C).

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The Thomas International PPA Test Format

A unique aspect of the Thomas Personality Profile Assessment is that you will be shown short statements or a list of four words which are related to four specific character traits. When taking the test, you will have to choose which word describes you the least and which one describes you the most.

Each answer you give will add points to the trait the word corresponds to. The responses you give will not only display how you actually act and feel in the workplace, they can also show how you want to be seen by your potential employer.

At the end of the PPA test, you will be presented with three profile graphs based on your answers. These include:

1. Work-masks/adapted profile: The words you choose for “most describes me” make up the first profile graph, which represents the qualities which you want others to see in you.

2. Behaviour under pressure/natural profile: The words you don’t choose will make up the second profile graph, which represents the qualities that you yourself believe you possess.

3. Self-image/combined profile: The words you choose for “most describes me” and the words you don’t choose at all both make up the third profile graph. This graph is the most important one since it combines both types of qualities to make up your self-image score.

How Is the Thomas International PPA Test Scored?

The advice that states that “there are no right or wrong answers on the personality test” is misleading and can cause test-takers to fail.

An example of this can be found when answering the question: “Do you like working with people?"

If you are applying for a service position and you respond with a negative answer, you may not be considered for the job since this answer shows employers that you aren’t the right fit.

Another question could be: “Do you like to lead in a group?” - If you are applying for a managerial role and your answer implies that you do not like to take the lead, then this can negatively impact your likelihood of getting hired.

Your personality profile is assessed according to the requirements of the job you are applying for. If your potential employer is seeking candidates who are higher in specific traits and lower in others, then you will need to get an idea of what the desired qualities are for the role you are after. 


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How Does Thomas International Know If My Profile Is a Match?

The Thomas Job is a tool used together with the Thomas Personality Profile Assessment in order to determine which character traits and behavioural tendencies are ideal for a particular work position. The results you receive from the Thomas PPA test will be compared to the Job profile requirements to determine whether you possess the desired traits they are seeking.

How to Improve on the PPA Test?

Improving on the Thomas PPA test means learning how to control your score by understanding which adjective given in a question connects to the four DISC personality factors (dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance). To do so, knowing what each factor stands for is key.

Descriptions of the DISC Personality Factors:

  • Dominance: Forceful, competitive, courageous and aggressive.
  • Influence: Outgoing, friendly and sociable.
  • Steadiness: Calm, collected and unpressured.
  • Compliance: Orderly, respectful, rule-obedient and traditional.

Once you understand how each personality trait is divided, it will be easier for you to recognize which adjectives match to these four factors on the test.

Thomas International PPA Test Tips

The Thomas Personality Profile Assessment is a relatively easy test to take, but that doesn’t mean you will wind up with the profile you need for the job you’re applying for.

Following some of these steps can help you secure your dream job:

1. Be aware of your choices: When choosing the adjective that describes you the most/least, make sure to recognize which personality trait that adjective fits into.

2. Know which qualities are desired: The only way to do well on the Thomas PPA test is to make sure your personality profile matches the qualities that the job you’re after requires.

3. Don’t change yourself for a job: If your personality is very different from the job’s requirements, then don’t try too hard to fit their expectations. Constantly feeling forced to be someone you’re not, may lead to a lack of satisfaction later on.

4. Be honest, but sensible: Employers aren’t looking for flawless candidates. Remember that you’re human and being honest when answering questions, while giving consistent answers and thinking sensibly, is important.

5. Prepare with practice tests: JobTestPrep offers customised Thomas PPA practice materials, so that you can find out the best way to approach your upcoming PPA test. Practising can help you build your personality profile to match the job’s requirements.

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Thomas International PPA FAQ

How should I approach the PPA test?

The advice given to test-takers to ‘be yourself’ when answering test questions is helpful for employers to get a glimpse into how you view yourself. However, these instructions can be misleading for candidates who wish to show a side of themselves which they may only portray in certain work-related settings. So, when approaching the Thomas PPA test, you really should be considering which side of your personality you want to show that will be best for your desired job position.

Is it possible to fail the Personality Profile Assessment?

It is possible for your test results to drastically affect your chances of getting hired. The reason for this being that employers use this personality assessment to find out which candidates’ personality profiles match the job position’s requirements. Note that there are right and wrong answers when comparing test results to a specific job’s criteria.

Should I practise for the Thomas PPA test?

When preparing for any assessment, you are ultimately gaining more knowledge and confidence for when the real test comes along. By practising in advance for the Thomas PPA personality assessment, you will be able to know which traits you need to emphasise and which traits you should avoid based on the requirements of the particular job you’re interested in. By becoming more familiar with the test, you will be able to improve your chances of getting hired.

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