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This PrepPackTM is designed to prepare you for a variety of subjects you are likely to encounter during your assessment process. It has preparation materials covering numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning. There are essentially two levels of tests in this pack with some covering the graduate/management level whilst others cover the more entry level. This pack aims to "cover all bases," in order to give you the complete preparation for any test you may face. We hope you enjoy this PrepPack™.


What's Included

  • 9 graduate/senior MGMT verbal reasoning tests,
  • 10 general staff/entry level verbal reasoning tests
  • 9 graduate/senior MGMT numerical reasoning tests, and 
  • 9 general staff/entry level numerical reasoning tests
  • 20 abstract inductive reasoning tests
  • 24 study guides and video tutorials for different subjects
  • Secured payment
  • Money back guarantee, see terms and conditions  
  • Immediate online access, practice 24/7


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