The Matrigma test is composed of matrices and is essentially founded on the famous Raven matrices, the classic matrix test upon which all GMA tests are based. The Matrigma is a non-verbal test and is therefore easily adaptable for speakers of different languages. It is considered by many to be the truest form of GMA.

The Matrigma test differs from similar tests for two main reasons. Firstly, the Matrigma test is longer than other psychometric tests; it takes 40 minutes to complete, as opposed to other tests which take approximately 20 minutes. Secondly, the Matrigma increases in difficulty as you work your way through it. This is of huge importance to the employer, as they can easily discern who has performed to a high level and who has not.

First published in 2010 by the Assessio International Cooperation, the Matrigma test is now distributed by Hogan Assessment Systems and the Hogan global network. Hogan is known for providing high quality assessment tools that are administered over the internet.

Matrigma Sample Questions

Question 1

Correct Answer: (3)

Answer Explanation

As this question is composed of many elements, focus on each one separately. Across the rows, notice that the white frame rotates clockwise around the grid. Therefore, in the bottom row, the answer choice must contain a white frame in the top-right corner of the grid. You can eliminate answer choices (2) and (5).

Across the rows, the black “L” shape rotates counterclockwise around the grid. Therefore, in the bottom row, the black “L” shape must be located at the bottom-left side of the grid. You can eliminate answer choice (4) as its "L" shape is located in the wrong position. Additionally, across the rows, the black “L” shapes rotate vertically from frame to frame. Therefore, you can eliminate answer choice (1). You are left with answer choice (3), which is the correct answer. 

Question 2

Correct Answer: (3)

Answer Explanation

In each step from left to right, one cube rolls over the rest of the object. This rolling over causes the cube to move one spot clockwise around the object. For example, in the top row, in the leftmost figure, the rolling cube is located at the bottom right of the object. In the middle figure, the cube has rolled over to the bottom left of the object. And, finally, in the rightmost figure, the cube is located to the left of the other two cubes. You can see the motion of the cube in the following illustration, with the rolling cube colored in purple.

Using this rule, you can now locate the rolling cube in the bottom row and thus determine the missing figure. The motion of the rolling cube in the bottom row is as follows: 

The next stop of the rolling cube should be the bottom right of the object. Thus, the correct answer is (3). 

What Is Tested?

The Matrigma test measures an individual's general mental ability in relation to others taking the exam. It assesses the following skills:

  • Seeing and making logical connections
  • Understanding the relationships between different objects
  • Finding points of similarity in different objects

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