What is the Matrigma Test?

Matrigma is a non-verbal problem-solving test that assesses your capability to discern patterns or find internal logic from sets of shapes.

It is an Abstract Reasoning test with a single type of question presented in 3x3 matrices in which you’re asked to find the missing tile.


There are 2 versions of the Matrigma test:

Matrigma Tests


1) Classic Matrigma: The difficulty of the questions increases as you continue to progress throughout the duration of the test.

2) Adaptive Matrigma: For each question that you answer correctly, the next question will be even more difficult than the one before. Similarly, if you answer any of the questions incorrectly, the next question will decrease in difficulty.


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How does the Matrigma Test Score Affect my career?

You will need to reach the 80th percentile to pass the test and continue to the next stage of your job application.


Free Matrigma Exam


However, even reaching the minimum 80 percentile, will not necessarily secure you the job. To significantly increase your chances, you must aim for the top 5 percentile!

This will not only improve your chances of getting a job but will provide the additional prospect of getting a higher-paying one.

Do I Need to Prepare for the Matrigma Test?

Matrigma test questions consist of abstract reasoning matrices throughout the entirety of the exam. For this reason, even the most intelligent individuals who excel at solving both mathematical and verbal problems will find solving this test difficult. 

In short, professional preparation is needed to increase the probability of an excellent score, and after that, a high paying job offer.

Good preparation will increase your chances to pass the test dramatically compared to job-seekers who don't.

Want to learn more about the Matrigma Test? Watch the following video:

Free Matrigma Test Sample Questions & Solving Rules

The questions in the Matrigma are presented in 3x3 matrices, in which you're asked to find the missing tile marked by a question mark (?). Matrigma tests are difficult, especially for people that have never tried this type of question before.

There are 5 logical rules you need to understand and learn to recognise in order to familiarize yourself Matrigma.

Note: These sample questions are very basic and way easier than the real test.

Rule 1: Progression

In this kind of matrix, the object changes, or rather progresses with every step throughout the row or the column (the direction may vary).

Matrigma Exam Free Sample
Answer Explanation

✔️ The correct answer is D.

In this example, in each step, one rhombus shape is added to the frame. This rule applies to both the rows and the columns.

In the rows, the addition progresses in a clockwise direction.

In the columns, it progresses in an anticlockwise direction.

Rule 2: Rotation

In questions of this type, the figures in the matrix rotate in a determined pattern across either rows or columns.

Free Matrigma Sample Test
Answer Explanation

✔️ The correct answer is E

You can see that the figure rotates upon its axis at 90° clockwise in each frame (looking from left to right).

It makes sense to look at the changes occurring in the rows from left to right, as the missing figure is the rightmost frame in the bottom row.

The missing figure, then, is the one which completes this pattern.

Look at the middle figure in the bottom row and picture what it would look like if it were turned 90° clockwise. This is your answer.

Rule 3: Frequency

In questions of this type, the relationship between certain features of the figures in the matrix determines the frequency and/or order of their appearance. Let’s look at an example:

Free Matrigma Exam Frequency Questions
Answer Explanation

✔️ The correct answer is D

In this sample question, the relationship is between the alignment of the shapes.

You can see that the pattern established in the top 2 rows is that two of the 3 shapes face a certain direction and the third shape faces the opposite direction.

Looking at the columns, you can see the relationship is of shapes.

Rule 4: Construction

In this kind of matrix, two objects from the same row or column are combined to form the third object. In simple matrices, this combination might look just like a simple addition equation. For example:

Free Matrigma guide
Answer Explanation

✔️ The correct answer is D

This question shows that the combination of any 2 consecutive blocks starting from the top left corner, either vertical or lateral, form a third block that combines both preceding blocks.

The combination of the 2 objects in the bottom row, or that of the 2 items in the right column form answer D.

Note: In more complicated matrices, the combination will not be as complete and immediately clear as in the example above. There might be certain rules that determine which parts of the objects combined will merge and which will not.

Rule 5: Motion

In motion matrices, the objects move (change their position) with each step. Usually, the motion is of one or more of the objects inside a frame.

To identify the movement of the inner object, it is useful to compare the outer object or frames across either the rows or columns.

Free Matrigma Sample Questions 2
Answer Explanation

✔️ The correct answer is B

In each frame, there are three shapes: a X, a heart shape, and a circle.

In each step, the three shapes move positions in a clockwise direction.

Therefore, in the correct answer, the X should be at the top-left corner of the frame, the circle at the bottom-left corner, and the heart at the bottom-right corner.


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