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Are you going to take a Matrigma General Mental Ability? In this article, we will explain what skills are tested, who it assesses, the tests’ general outline, and provide an example. We will also provide some tips to help you overcome these tests thus enabling you to show the prospective employer that you have the skills to succeed at the job.
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Access an extensive bank of tests that follow Matrigma-style concepts, including matrices and shape sequences.


Test features

The Matrigma tests are in the format of matrices and are essentially based on the famous Raven matrices, the classic matrix test upon which all GMA tests are based. These tests are in a non-verbal format and are therefore easily adaptable to suit the needs of those who speak different languages and are considered by many to be the truest form of GMA.

The Matrigma test is different to similar tests because of two main reasons. Firstly, the Matrigma test is particularly long in comparison to other psychometric tests with other tests being approximately 20 minutes in length as opposed to the Matrigma test which is 40 minutes long with 35 questions in it. Secondly, the Matrigma tests increase in difficulty as you work your way through the test. This is of huge importance to the employer as they can easily discern who has performed to a high level and who hasn't.

First published in 2010 by the Assessio International Cooperation, the Matrigma test is now distributed by Hogan Assessment Systems and the Hogan global network. They are known for providing high quality assessment tools that are administered over the internet.

Matrigma Test Sample

Matrigma Test Sample Question - Cognitive Ability Test

Explanation: The matrix above has three basic shapes - and ellipsoid, a square and a black rectangle. Each of the shapes appears three times - once in each row or column. Therefore the missing shape is a black rectangle. Each shape has a constant number of lines crossing it (rectangle - 1, ellipsoid - 2, square - 3). In each row the lines are situated in a certain direction - top row - horizontal, middle row - vertical and bottom row - diagonal. Therefore, the missing shape should be a black rectangle, with a single diagonal line.

What is tested?

Matrigma tests are used to measure a person’s general mental ability in relation to other people taking this test. During the test, you will be assessed on the following different skills:

  • Your ability to see and make logical connections
  • Understand the relationships between different objects
  • Find points of similarity in different objects

How can we help?

JobTestPrep provides the largest database of inductive and abstract reasoning tests on the internet. We collected all test items in our database which are relevant for Matrigma test candidates and created a customised practice pack. Learn more here >>

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"These types of test require a specific type of mindset. To be familiar with the question format and to be able to practice the logic thinking is very valuable when you go live."
Swedish Governmental Agency, October 2014
"Very good tests, and I got the job :-)"
Willhem AB, Finance Director, May 2015

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