Hudson Abstract Reasoning Ability Test Preparation

Inside this PrepPack™, find 3 full-length Hudson-style abstract reasoning tests and 9 additional diagrammatic drills. As a final bonus, we have included a Hudson-style abstract reasoning guide to further help you during your pursuit.

Hudson Abstract Reasoning Test

The Hudson abstract reasoning test is one of three Hudson reasoning ability tests. It is a non-verbal test, meaning that you are asked to solve problems that do not contain words or numbers.

This is considered to be the purest form of intelligence test, as it allows the examiners to see your intellectual potential without the impact of education, background or experience.

However, there are tips and tricks you can learn for an abstract reasoning test. Read on to learn more about how you can prepare for your Hudson abstract reasoning ability test.

Hudson’s Abstract Reasoning Test Questions & Format

This test comes in four levels, blue collar workers, junior managers, graduates, managers and senior management.

On this test you are given a sequence of shapes known as original figures and final figures. The shapes have undergone up to 5 operations, shown as dots or keys on a scale, when transforming from original to final figures.

You are given an original image and indication of which actions it has undergone. Your task is to identify which key leads to which action, and then identify the final figure.

You have 90 seconds to answer each question. When you move on to the next question the clock will restart to 90 seconds, and if you run out of time, the test will move on regardless.

Tips to Solving Abstract Problems

Oftentimes, people become confused by the images found in abstract reasoning questions. Below are a few helpful tips for the next time you face a problem:

  • Look at the Question: Before you begin to deeply analyse the answers, look at the question to see how much you comprehend. Oftentimes, answer options will be set in place to distract you from the real answer.
  • Answers: After you feel confident in understanding the question, quickly look at each answer to see if you can easily choose them as the correct answer.
  • Scrap Paper: If you are having problems following each possible answer option, remember you can give yourself clues by scribbling on scratch paper. This can help you in two fashions:
    • You can write down what you have learned from looking at the question at hand. This will eliminate the possibility of forgetting a step needed in your answer.
    • If you are having difficulty visualising the final image, doodle what you think the next step is in the series.
  • One Figure at a Time: Don’t become overwhelmed by the amount of potential answers, take your time and eliminate one option at a time.
  • Do the Bare Minimum: You do not need to understand every answer. Focus on what you know and move on. Understanding every aspect of each image will bog you down and likely tire you.

Prepare for your Hudson Abstract Reasoning Test

The Hudson abstract reasoning ability test is a form of non-verbal diagrammatic reasoning test. Learn about how to identify patterns and work on your problem-solving skills with our diagrammatic reasoning test practice packs.

The Hudson abstract reasoning test is usually taken alongside numerical and verbal reasoning tests also found inside this test provider.




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