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A Brief Introduction to P&G

Proctor & Gamble, also known as P&G, is the largest consumer packaged goods company in the world. They house over 100,000 employees around the globe, along with as a huge array of products. In this article, you will be able to learn about the Proctor & Gamble online assessment process and be provided with a detailed overview of the best tips for passing the P&G assessment process with flying colours.


P&G Assessment Test Preparation

Every year almost a million applicants worldwide go through the Procter and Gamble assessment. Only 1% get through the door, so get prepared today!


Procter & Gamble Online Application Process

This is a fairly basic P&G’s online application form; You are asked to fill out your contact details, educational information, complete the questionnaire and upload your CV. You may also upload any other job-related documentation. Use this opportunity to make sure your application stands out from the crowd by utilising Procter and Gamble's 'PEAK Performance' factors. If your application is successful, you will advance to the Procter and Gamble online tests.

P&G PEAK Performance Assessment

The first online P&G and test you will encounter is the PEAK Performance Assessment test (once called the P&G Success Drivers Assessment). While this test is not timed, it typically takes the test taker 20 minutes to complete. The PEAK Performance assessment is used to measure the skills and abilities that don't always come across in an interview. The PEAK Performance assessment help employers gain a better understanding of your compatibility with their companies and your prospective job. Furthermore, P&G utilises this specific test to analyse your background, experiences, interests and work-related attitudes against P&G competencies (power of mind, people and agility). P&G’s PEAK Performance factors, which are defined as P&G's Purpose, Values & Principles (PVP) which are, 'Lead with courage, Innovate for growth, Champion productivity, Execute with excellence. Bring out our best.'

In the PEAK Performance assessment, you will also be provided with scenario questions. These muliple-choice questions are designed to determine your actions in given situations. Additionally, there are questions where you can rank how 'very true' or 'untrue' the provided statement is. Many previous applicants have seen similarities between the SJT (situational judgment test) preparation materials and the P&G Online Assessment.

P&G Interactive Assessment

In 2019, P&G has updated their reasoning test, replacing it with an interactive assessment which is a programme that much resembles app games. The interactive assessment is broken into three parts:

  • Missing Numbers: In this section, you will be given an equation with missing numbers. It’s your job to calculate and replace the blank places with the real numbers. You will be given 6 minutes to complete this game.
  • Shapes, Tubes and Numbers: Here you will be presented with two rows of shapes with three potential answers that are displayed as numbered tubes. Each shape represents a number. It is your job to select as many correct tubes that the shapes travel through in a 6-minute period. Hint: the numbers displayed on the tubes correlate to the original positions of the shapes.
  • Dots: The final assessment is fast-paced. Essentially, you will be shown a picture with holes. The holes will periodically be filled with dots. You must recall which hole previously held the dots and fill them in a second time. During your 12-minutes, you will be presented with three versions of this game.

Learn more about the interactive games by checking out P&G’s official PDF.

P&G Online Assessment Preparation Offer

P&G Online Assessment was recently updated, replacing the old reasoning test with an interactive game. Realising this, we quickly updated our PrepPack™, marking us as the first and only company to do so.

At the moment, we offer full preparation for the P&G PEAK Performance Assessment and a partial preparation for the interactive section.


Interview Questions

Procter and Gamble's application process includes two or three interviews. The initial interview takes place over the phone and is mainly competency-based. Make sure you know P&G's competencies inside out so that you can incorporate them into your answers. You should also include examples of times you demonstrated these competencies in the past. Prepare these examples ahead of the interview using the STAR method (situation, task, action, result).

 Below are a few P&G phone interview examples:

  • How did you deal with a time when you could not meet a deadline.
  • Was there a time when you took the initiative? How did you do it?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to think of an innovative solution to a difficult problem.

The second Procter and Gamble interview takes place at one of their offices and is more skills-based. You will be asked about your qualifications as well as other information you provided in your CV. Review your CV and prepare a new series of examples highlighting your skills for this interview.


P&G Online Assessment Practice

Here we can help you prepare for each stage of the hiring process. Our Procter and Gamble PrepPack™ includes practice tests and drills, detailed answer explanations, user-friendly score reports and more.

Start preparing for P&G today to ensure your success!

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