Diagrammatic reasoning tests, often confused with abstract reasoning and inductive reasoning tests, are aptitude tests administered by assessment companies. Unlike non verbal reasoning tests, diagrammatic reasoning tests display a series of operators and outputs from which a candidate is to infer a set of rules and apply them to new situations.

Companies That Use Diagrammatic Assessments

There are numerous companies that utilise diagrammatic assessments in various forms, some of which are:

  • SHL and Cubiks – Diagrammatic reasoning
  • Saville – Diagrammatic analysis 

Diagrammatic Test Characteristics

Learn about the most popular types of diagrammatic reasoning tests that are currently being used by various companies and organizations today. 

Letter and Number Diagrams

This test type includes a number of diagrams which contain combinations of letters that can be modified by different rules or commands. These commands are represented by numbers. Each number symbolizes one rule and it may appear more than once in a diagram. However, the meanings of the numbers may vary from one diagram to the next. Your task is to follow the paths indicated by the arrows and determine the effect each command has on the letter combinations. Then apply the commands to the corresponding problem. 


Shape Diagrams

This test type includes a number of diagrams in which shapes can be modified by different operators. A panel illustrates different operators and their effect on different shapes. Your task is to infer the rules dictated by the operators  and apply them to new situations.


Prepare for Diagrammatic Tests

Diagrammatic reasoning tests may seem overwhelming at first, but familiarising yourself with the concepts and time frames in advance will help you improve your performance on test day. Start preparing today and ensure your test confidence and success. 

What's Included

  • 9 diagrammatic reasoning tests
  • Answers and step by step explanations per question
  • Score reports
  • Similar to the tests of SHL, Saville, and more
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