Practice Free Aptitude Test Questions with Full Explanations

JobTestPrep offers comprehensive preparation packages for a wide variety of aptitude tests. To get a glimpse of what we offer - and see how you currently fare on the tests - try practising some of the free tests below.
Free Numerical Reasoning Tests Free Verbal Reasoning Tests Free Inductive/Logical Reasoning Tests
Free Situational Judgement Tests Numerical Challenge Coupon Verbal Challenge Coupon

More free resources

Not satisfied your hunger for aptitude test practice? Have a go at some of our other free practice resources. JobTestPrep has the biggest online practice inventory of employers' selection tests - check out our free mechanical aptitude, free Watson Glaser test, free In-tray exercise questions and free pilot aptitude test.

PDF versions of our free aptitude tests:

Psychometric Tests (Questions & Answers) Mechanical Aptitude Tests PDF (Questions & Answers)
Numerical Reasoning PDF (Questions & Answers) Verbal Reasoning PDF (Questions & Answers)
Situational Judgment Test (Questions & Answers) Free UKCAT Practice (Questions & Answers)
Logical/Inductive Reasoning (Questions & Answers) Spatial Reasoning (Questions & Answers)

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