Situational Judgment Test Practice

Need help understanding the situational judgement test also known as SJT? Get a jump start over your competition by practising with us. Allow your quality to shine through as you learn the correct answers today!

SJT All-Inclusive Pack
  • 6 management SJT’s
  • 6 customer service SJT’s
  • 4 administrative SJT’s
  • 4 supervision SJT’s
  • 3 graduate SJT’s
  • 3 study guides & video tutorials

Our PrepPack™ has been designed to give you SJT preparation and an understanding of what is involved when you come to take your real situational judgement test.  

Purpose Behind the Pack

We have created a generic situational judgement test PrepPack™ to further help jobseekers excel in their unemployment journey. Our carefully selected materials will improve your skills and give you the necessary edge to pass your pre-employment assessment. Get your PrepPack™ today!