SJT Competency Based Assessment Preparation

Preparing for a competency based assessment and not sure where to start? Use this pack to ensure you are fully ready for every type of situational judgement test. Start practising today and get ahead of the field.

Competency-Based Test
  • 4 administrative SJT’s
  • 4 graduate SJT’s
  • 6 management SJT’s
  • 6 customer service SJT’s
  • 4 supervision SJT’s
  • 4 SJT study guides
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SJTs come in a number of formats: multiple-choice questions with only one correct answer, most-least answer tables in which more than one option must be chosen on a certain scale, etc. On many of these tests, each scenario is accompanied by a short video scene—performed by professional actors—simulating the situation.

This pack aims to cover these scenarios and help you in your competency based assessment. The name situational judgement test is used as these tests examine your competencies relating to a particular field. They are popular in the psychometric testing world and come in different forms and types. This PrepPack™ is aimed for general usage and is applicable to the following groups:

Administration roles

Graduate positions

Management positions

Customer service roles

Supervisory roles

We hope you enjoy using this PrepPack™