Study for Primark's Pre-employment Process

Primark is an appealing retail chain to work at.
However, the pre-employment procedure involves interviews and perhaps tests (such as Hogan), for which preparation is recommended.

For that, you can use JobTestPrep’s PrepPacks™ that offer study guides, score reports, answer explanations, and other efficient materials.

The more you practise – the better.

  • Practice tests that are similar to the real Hogan test.
  • Timed exercises to improve your speed in real-time.

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About Primark

Primark is a great, well-known, low-cost clothing shop that is spread all over the world.


Primark offers:

FlexibilityGood training
Pleasant staff and cultureOpportunities and experience in the retail field

Career options at Primark

There are many open positions in Primark worldwide; among them are these, in Great Britain:

Retail Assistant in Milton Keynes and LondonPeople & Culture Administrator in Reading
Supervisor in London and EdinburghNight Manager in Edinburgh

The Hiring Process at Primark

The whole process can be different for each role. The basic steps in the recruitment process are:

  • Application: Make sure that your CV is accurate and well-written, and apply online.
  • Phone Interview: A conversation with the recruiter.
  • Interview: There might be a panel interview.
  • Assessment Centre: A day in which you may be asked to participate in group activities (such as discussion and role playing), take tests and be interviewed.
  • Exams: Hogan is an important test; also, there might be other exams.

Primark’s Aptitude Tests

The required tests can depend on the applied position, your level and experience, and other factors. Pay attention to:

Other possible assessments:

  • Situational Judgement Test (SJT): Gives you different types of scenarios, and asks you to select the best solution for each one. The purpose is viewing your problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Verbal Reasoning: Examines your language skills: Vocabulary, grammar and so on.
  • Logical: Evaluates your intellectual potential.
  • Numerical reasoning: Assesses your quantitative thinking.
  • Excel: Tests your knowledge and level in Excel.

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Primark’s Interview Questions

During the interview, the following questions (or similar) could come up:

  • Please tell me about your previous experience (We recommend you to focus on experience that is related to retail).
  • What interests you in retail, and in working with us in particular?
  • Which qualities are you bringing to this role?
  • Please tell me about a situation in which you provided good customer service.

To get ready, think of precise answers.

In addition, JobTestPrep’s product includes tools that can help you prepare, such as interview tips.