Job Preparation: ESCP Europe

In the world of academy and education, ESCP Europe is a great place to get accepted to.
Therefore, before applying there – you would want to be as ready as you can for the challenging pre-employment involved: Interviews and exams, such as the SHL tests.

You can practise in advance with JobTestPrep’s PrepPacks™ that offer SHL-style practice tests, drills and other useful materials.

  • Many video tutorials, study guides and more efficient tools
  • Questionnaires that reassemble the real SHL tests

About ESCP Europe

ESCP Europe is a European business school. ESCP Europe is headquartered in Paris, with campuses in London, Berlin, Madrid and Warsaw.

Benefits in working at ESCP Europe

The employees at ESCP Europe enjoy:

International work atmosphere Flexibility
Good staff Well-organized workplace
Exciting work Place for initiative and creativity

Hiring Process at ESCP Europe

The ESCP Europe’s pre-employment process depends in the position you are interested in, and other factors. The main steps in the recruitment process are:

  • Application: Make sure that your CV is well-written, and apply online.
  • Phone Screening: A phone interview.
  • Interviews: Several interviews with professional managers. This step may be long.
  • Tests: The SHL is a significant test. In addition, you might be asked to take other assessments.
  • Assessment Centre: If you are invited to an assessment day, you will participate in several group activities, such as discussion, role playing and presentation. Afterwards, you may be interviewed, and take tests. The idea is to give your recruiters a better and fuller picture of who you are, and if you are suitable for ESCP Europe and the specific role.

ESCP Europe’s Aptitude Tests

Pay most attention to:

  • The SHL Test: A comprehensive assessments, made up of verbal, numerical, abstract/logical and personality tests.
    You can read more about SHL on our dedicated SHL Tests page.

In addition, the following exams can be part of the process:

  • SJT: The situational judgment test examines how you make decisions and solve problems.
  • Excel: Tests your knowledge and level in Microsoft Excel.

It is recommended to order our products and start studying, because the assessments above are usually composed of multiple-choice questions, and are time-limited.

ESCP Europe’s Interview Questions

During the interviews, you might be asked questions such as:

  • Please walk me through your CV.
  • What interests you in ESCP Europe?
  • Which qualities make you a prime candidate?
  • How do you deal with disagreeable customers?

To practise for these questions, as well as all of the interviews, JobTestPrep has interview tips and many more helpful tools that will complete the preparation needed for the total process.