Prepare for Amazon Interviews and Tests for Senior Managers

Do you wish to become a member of Amazon senior management? Getting into the company is a real challenge, especially when it comes to senior managerial positions. Outperform your competition with the help of the info and preparation resources offered on this page.

Includes the latest numerical Verify G+ Interactive SHL tests Amazon uses on their MGMT assessments.
Amazon Senior MGMT Tests
  • 2 Amazon SHL Verify Interactive simulation tests (Updated for 2024)
  • 6 CEB SHL numerical reasoning simulation tests
  • 9 Extra Practice SHL style tests
  • 8 Specific topic practice tests
  • Study guides and video tutorials



This pack is dedicated to Amazon manager candidates. The Amazon manager interview is challenging as it incorporates a variety of aptitude tests, interviews, and other assessments. The senior management interview questions differ from regular assessments as you should demonstrate that you are an experienced professional. JobTestPrep's Senior Manager Amazon Pack is designed for experienced hire, start practising today and land your desired position.

Online Application Form

The first stage of the recruitment process is the online job application. This includes filling out some personal information, uploading your CV, and writing a cover letter. Make sure your CV is tailored to the job for which you are applying and that your cover letter refers to Amazon's leadership principles.

Amazon Phone and Face-to-Face Interviews

Every candidate needs to take part in a series of interviews, some over the phone and others face-to-face. The interviews are usually held by the hiring manager, members of the HR department, or “bar raisers”. This last group are employees in charge of interviewing potential applicants from other parts of the company. Their goal is to make sure a candidate not only fits the company’s values but is also better than most current employees. They can veto any applicant they interview, so it is highly important to impress them.

There are several different types of questions you may face during your interviews. Most interviews consist of competency-based questions, but some include job-related questions, maths problems, or riddles. You can also expect to be asked about your CV and your motivation regarding the position for which you are applying.

The competencies your interviewers will be looking at will stem from the specific requirements of the job for which you are applying as well as from the Amazon leadership principles. These principles are extremely important to the company, so make sure you read about them ahead of the interview. When answering a question during the interview, use the STAR method and refer to these leadership principles.

To help you prepare for your interview and other assessments, we have created a unique preparation pack with all the resources you need. The pack features a detailed interview guide written by our accredited psychologists. This guide covers various aspects of interviews and offers important tips. It discusses, among other things, competency-based questions and how to use the STAR method when answering them. It also provides advice on how to answer common interview questions. The pack offers a brief review of Amazon’s leadership principles as well. Going over these principles and reading the guide can help you prepare for your interviews.

In addition, the pack includes numerical drills with which you can rehearse some basic concepts, such as probability and combinatorics, work-rate, etc. These drills can help you tackle the maths problems you may be presented with during your interviews.

Amazon Senior Manager Interview Questions

Below is a list of Amazon manager interview questions that have been asked in telephone or face-to-face interviews for senior managerial roles in the past. The exact questions you will face during your interviews may be different, of course, but these sample questions can give you a good idea of what Amazon is looking for.

  • Why do you want to work for us?
  • Why did you apply for this specific job?
  • Choose two of our leadership principles and explain how you demonstrate them.
  • Tell me about a project you are proud of.
  • How do you measure your success?
  • Tell me about a time when you learnt something from scratch with no training.
  • Tell me about a time when you failed badly.
  • How did you hire your best employee?
  • How have you dealt with an underperforming employee in the past?
  • What is the most difficult situation you have ever faced in your life? How did you handle it?

Amazon Assessment Tests

Many of the candidates applying for senior managerial roles at Amazon need to take one or more aptitude tests or job simulations to assess their analytical skills and personality traits.

Most people are asked to sit a numerical reasoning test, delivered by either CEB SHL or Kenexa. This test evaluates your ability to understand and interpret complex numerical data as well as perform calculations involving percentages, ratios, currency conversions, and more. Some candidates also need to take a verbal reasoning test delivered by CEB SHL. This test measures your ability to understand and analyse written information. Some candidates also might be asked to take a personality test, which is meant to evaluate your personality traits and suitability for your desired position.

These tests may seem quite intimidating at first, especially if it's been a long time since you last had to take a test under tight time constraints. However, if you dedicate enough time and effort to preparing in advance, you can pass them with flying colours.

To help you prepare for the tests we have included in our pack various practice materials. The pack features online topic-based practice drills, study guides, and video tutorials. You can use them to brush up on basic mathematical concepts and also to learn useful strategies for solving numerical reasoning tests.

The pack also includes CEB SHL-style practice questions (includes the latest Verify G+ interactive tests simulations), all accompanied by detailed answer explanations. The questions match the level of tests delivered to candidates applying for senior managerial roles at Amazon. With these practice resources, you can increase your speed, gain confidence, and improve your overall performance on the actual tests.