SHL Video Interview

SHL is one of the leading job-applicant screening assessment providers, used by over 10,000 organisations in the UK and worldwide, including McKinsey, RBS NatWest, and Qantas.

In addition to dozens of evaluation tests, SHL provides a virtual interview platform that allows a remote hiring process for the convenience of both applicants and recruiters.

On this page, you will find all you need to know about the SHL video interview, including types of video interviews and preparation tips.

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What Is the SHL Video Interview

The SHL video interview is an AI online video assessment tool administered as part of the hiring process of many companies and organisations. It is often taken after completing the SHL SJT or personality test and a series of SHL cognitive ability tests, which can include verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, logical reasoning, etc.

SHL offers four types of video interviews –

  • Smart Interview On Demand
  • Smart Interview Live
  • Smart Interview Live Coding
  • AMCAT Video Assessment

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SHL Smart Interview On Demand

The SHL Smart Interview On Demand is a one-way asynchronous video interview. This is a pre-recorded interview in which you receive a series of questions and need to answer by recording yourself on your mobile or computer camera.

Unlike traditional face-to-face interviews, both frontal or via video, the pre-recorded interview allows you to schedule the time and setting that fits you best.

The questions can come in three forms – video, audio, and text only. The number of questions differs between organisations but usually includes 5 to 8 questions.

Your recruiter determines the preparation and response time for each question and can change from one question to another, but for the most part, you will receive about 30 seconds to prepare your answer and up to 3 minutes to record it.

Pre-recorded Interview

The pre-recorded interview aims to assess your abilities, personality, competencies, and motivations. As such, you will be asked typical HR questions regarding your professional experience, goals, drives, working style, and work-related behavioural preferences.

Once you complete your interview, your recording will be sent to your recruiters along with an AI-generated report that analyses non-verbal gestures, such as smiles, intonation, and posture. This information will help to assess the personality, mannerisms, and social skills that are not reflected in words and the information you provided in your answer.

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SHL Smart Interview Live

If you pass the SHL Smart Interview On Demand, you will receive an invitation to take the SHL Smart Interview Live.

This is a real-time live video interview in which you will meet your recruiters and hiring manager face-to-face. Similar to a traditional on-site interview, you will be asked HR questions about your work experience, work-related skills, and traits. You may be asked to come prepared in advance with a case study, home assignment, or other job simulation to present to your hiring manager during the interview.

It is also your opportunity to ask your recruiters questions about what to expect from the position once hired.

💡  Note that the interview will probably be recorded for later evaluation by your recruiters.

SHL Smart Interview Live Coding

The SHL Smart Interview Live Coding is an assessment tool that evaluates the aptitudes required for coding and development roles, such as software programming, database programming, and data science. The assessment involves a coding task in your area of expertise – Java, SQL, Python, C, C++, or another programming language.

The SHL Smart Interview Live Coding is conducted online at a specific time and date scheduled beforehand. 

AMCAT Video Assessment

Recently acquired by SHL, AMCAT (Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test) is an AI-based assessment tests platform. 

In addition to adaptive ability tests that evaluate different skills and competencies, such as logical reasoning, numerical reasoning, and verbal reasoning, AMCAT administers pre-recorded video assessments.

In the AMCAT video assessment, you will be given several pre-recorded HR questions. You will be given 1 minute to prepare your response and 3 minutes to record it. 

SHL Virtual Assessment Center

The SHL Virtual Assessment Centre is a digital platform that replaces the on-site traditional assessment days and instead administrates it virtually online.

You and other applicants will be given a series of assignments designed to evaluate your professional skills, behavioural tendencies, and interpersonal tendencies.

There may be solo assignments that you will perform on your own, and others that you will perform in collaboration with the other candidates.

The type of assignments you will be given depends on the organisation and role you are applying for. Among the most popular tasks are case studies, group exercises, and in-tray exercises.

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SHL Video Interview Tips

Just for you 
The questions you will be asked during the interview were tailored especially for the organisation you applied for and for the role you’re after. Thus, you need to prepare yourself accordingly. Before the interview, go over the organisation’s values page and carefully read the job description.
The real thing
Although the SHL Video Interview is conducted virtually, you need to regard it in the same way as a frontal on-site interview, even the pre-recorded interview. This means you need to dress up and organise a proper environment with good lighting, noise-free, and without any distractions.
Be aware 
Both the pre-recorded and the live interviews are analysed by an AI that examines your body language and non-verbal cues, such as voice pitch, facial expression, eye contact, body movement, and so on. Thus, it is crucial you will be aware of how you present yourself during the interview – sit straight, smile, and look straight at the camera as if it were your recruiter’s eyes.