European Patent Office's Interview Process and Tests

If your ambitions are to be employed at the European Patent Office, JobTestPrep can assist you with passing its pre-employment assessment and interviews. We have collected in our smartly designed PrepPack™ the Management Judgement Exercise and simulations of the Verbal, Numerical, and Abstract Reasoning and Situational Judgement Tests, by practising with which you will secure for yourself a place at the top of the EPO’s list of promising job candidates. Prepare with our resources and start participating in granting patents to the European Patent Convention.   

What Does JobTestPrep Offers?

JobTestPrep fulfills its mission to help job candidates become employed by carefully researching about companies’ recruitment processes. Having learned that the EPO administered to its job candidates the Management Judgement Exercise or the Situational Judgement Test, we have created the exact copies of them to facilitate the successful culmination of the applicants’ assessment process. With our tests, you can hone your managerial skills necessary for working at the EPO and build a memorable personality profile. To extend our helping hand still further, we have also included in our PrepPack™ interview practice materials containing answers to the trickiest interview questions. If you study with our practice materials, you will make your employment by the European Patent Office highly probable.

What Is The Situational Judgement Test?

The Situational Judgement Test helps employers predict how their potential employers will behave in the new workplace and in challenging situations. It contains the description of realistic workplace situations accompanied by suggestions of how people can respond to them. Among these suggestions, you will need to choose either the “Most Effective” or the “Least Effective” response, depending on how the question is formulated. Other tasks will invite you to rank responses in order of effectiveness or indicate what response you would choose if were you involved in a similar situation in real life. Because employers base their hiring decision upon the SJT’s results, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with tasks appearing on the test and understand what traits they are seeking in their prospective employees. Our accurate simulations of the SJT offer you a brilliant opportunity to learn how to highlight your most appealing personal and professional traits and how to create an impactful personality profile.  

What Does The EPO’s Interview Process Include?

Online Application - If you want to work at the European Patent Office, start with filling in its application form on its Website. Note that the application form is lengthy and, therefore, will demand from you time and concentration.

Online Tests - When your application form has been screened, you will be asked to take the online Verbal, Numerical, and Abstract Reasoning tests along with the Management Judgement Exercise. Remember that a time limit on these tests is extremely short, leaving you less than 10 minutes for each part. You will also need to complete a personality questionnaire.

Skype Technical Interview - Provided your results on these tests are satisfactory, you will be invited for a Skype technical interview with 3 patent examiners. Prior to it, you will receive descriptions of several patents, which you will need to discuss during your interview. Study these patents attentively and expect to talk about them in three languages, including German and French. You will be asked to explain drawings on the patents in detail.

Second Skype Interview - Successful candidates move to the next stage, which is another Skype interview; this time, it is with an external worker who will evaluate your personality and aptitude for the applied position.

In-person Interview - The final interview is in-person. You will meet your prospective managers who will talk about your future role in the company.

Practice with JobTestPrep’s interview materials and exclusive test simulations and, in so doing, ensure that you will score high on your tests at the European Patent Office. Our well-designed resources will guarantee that you will be shortlisted for the technical Skype interview.