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FAQ's about Numerical Reasoning Tests

A Numerical Reasoning test is a generic name that represents a family of number-related assessments. It is the most common type of aptitude-psychometric test candidates are likely to do in any assessment centre or recruitment process. These tests are usually administered to candidates applying for graduate, managerial, supervisory, sales and professional positions, and for jobs that require workers to make decisions and inferences based on numerical data.

Characteristics of numerical tests:
  • Multiple choice questions, four to six distracters, and a single correct answer.
  • 45 seconds to two minutes per question
  • In some cases, a permission to use a calculator.
  • Free use of pen and paper.
  • In many cases, it is impossible to answer all the questions in the test.
  • Both online and paper based administrations are available.

Numerical Reasoning Tests usually evaluate these abilities:

There are two important ways to classify numerical reasoning tests: format and difficulty level.

  • Graph/table – the ability to interpret data presented in a text, graph or table form.
  • Word problems – short passages that involve riddles and calculations
  • Number series – the ability to figure out the logic behind numerical series.
  • Basic math and computation – numerical literacy skills.
  • Higher order, critical reasoning – advanced data analysis via graphs and tables or word problems. Calculators are usually allowed in these tests.
  • Interpretation – calculators are allowed. Graph/table, simple word problems.
  • Computation and estimation – without the use of a calculator.
  • Levels are determined of course by the nature of the job/position.

JobTestPrep's Numerical Reasoning Practice - Instructive, Precise, Up-to-Date

Numerical Reasoning Test performance can definitely be improved through practice. Exposure to the type of questions used in real tests and as well as understanding the underlying principles of each topic are the key to success. Further, ongoing 'hands on' practice is guaranteed to increase your confidence and improve your response times.

As leaders in the field of psychometric and aptitude test preparation, JobTestPrep is proud to offer the best numerical reasoning preparation pack available web-wide:

Practice Numerical Reasoning Tests With JobTestPrep

Our tests include success proven materials, used by satisfied customers for over 10 years. Our database contains thousands of numerical reasoning questions that fully cover any topic that appears in employers' numerical tests. With a wide range of difficulty levels, comprehensive explanations, solving tips, and normalised score reports, this is the web's most profound practice tool.

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