Civil Service Fast Stream - Everything You Need to Know for 2024!

 The Civil Service Fast Stream is an elite development program in the United Kingdom, designed to cultivate the next generation of leaders in various departments of the UK Civil Service.

The current page includes a comprehensive guide for candidates who wish to apply to the program, including information about the application process, updates for 2024, practice tips to pass the tests, and much more.

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What Is Civil Service Fast Stream?

 The Civil Service Fast Stream is an elite development program in the United Kingdom, designed to cultivate the next generation of leaders in various departments of the UK Civil Service.

This prestigious program offers graduates a unique opportunity to engage in a range of challenging roles across government, with a fast-tracked pathway to leadership. Fast Streamers experience a variety of placements, gaining invaluable insights and skills necessary for effecting positive change in government and public service.

The program is renowned for its rigorous selection process, emphasizing diverse competencies, and is an ideal launchpad for ambitious individuals keen to contribute significantly to public sector management and policy-making.

Civil Service Fast Stream Application Process & Tests

The Fast Stream application process involves multiple stages. During these stages, applicants will encounter assessments that present information in various formats like videos, audio clips, graphics, and text. This dynamic approach aims to make the process not only evaluative but also insightful, giving candidates a glimpse into what it's like to be a Fast Streamer.

At the beginning of your application, you'll need to fill out some essential background information, including a set of questions about diversity. These diversity questions are solely for monitoring and have no effect on the outcome of your selection. You will also have the opportunity to choose up to four different Fast Stream schemes that align with your interests.

Please ensure to use a personal email address for your application instead of a work or university email.

Assessment Stages

Fast Stream Civil Service Tests

1. Online Tests: This stage includes a Work Style Questionnaire, a Situational Judgement Questionnaire with multimedia elements, and a Numerical Test. These are all multiple-choice assessments, and you will have a 5-day window to complete them. Importantly, these tests are not timed.

2. Work-Based Scenarios: This part of the assessment comprises an Online Case Study and a Learning Assessment, both of which use multimedia formats and are also multiple-choice. Like the online tests, candidates have 5 days to complete these scenarios, and they are not timed.

3. Additional Information: Depending on the schemes you're interested in, you might need to provide extra information or go through an additional selection process. You will have 7 days to complete any sections requiring additional information.

4. Fast Stream Assessment Centre: If you successfully pass the previous stages, you'll be invited to a virtual half-day assessment centre. The Fast Stream Assessment Centre (FSAC) includes exercises like a leadership scenario, a team scenario, and a written scenario, all accessible through a remote app.

5. Final Selection Board: For most schemes, a Final Selection Board is required, except for certain streams such as Government Policy, Human Resources, Digital, Data, Technology, and Cyber. If you meet the necessary standards at FSAC, you'll be invited to this final assessment stage. 

How Can You Pass the Civil Service Fast Stream Tests?

The Civil Service Fast Stream Online Test is a critical component of the application process for aspiring UK government leaders. This challenging test is designed to assess a range of competencies including numerical reasoning, situational judgment, and verbal reasoning skills.

One of the main hurdles candidates face is the multifaceted nature of the test, which not only evaluates your knowledge but also how you apply it in different scenarios, often under time constraints. This makes thorough preparation essential to enhance your performance and confidence.

To support your success in the Civil Service Fast Stream Online Test, we have meticulously developed a comprehensive Prep Course tailored to the unique requirements of this test. Our course offers:

Diverse Practice Tests: Covering all the key sections of the Fast Stream Online Test, these practice tests allow you to extensively drill into each topic. Whether it's numerical reasoning or situational judgement, our practice tests ensure you're well-versed in every aspect of the exam: Work-Style Questionnaire Practice; Situational Judgment Tests Practice; Numerical Practice Tests, and much more!

In-Depth Tutorials & Study Guides: These resources delve into the theories and strategies behind each section of the test. They provide valuable insights into effective test-taking techniques, ensuring you're not just practicing but also understanding the best approaches to each question type.

For only £39 Prep Course is designed to transform your preparation journey from a daunting task to a structured and manageable process, elevating your confidence and competence for the Civil Service Fast Stream Online Test!

it is very helpful, I passed the SJT and I've been moved to the next stage. On a personal note, this is a really helpful learning experience on the conduct of possible behaviors in an office and the anticipated response.


          Phillip. J


I just wanted to say thank you for your help. My son has been offered a place on Fast Stream. Could you also please pass on our thanks to Phil who did the Skype interview with Tim - Tim said he was very helpful and knowledgeable.


          Jone. D


I would highly recommend these tests - they cover a range of test difficulties, some which are basic some which are more complex. These really enabled me to develop my numerical skills - especially as doing the complex questions made it easier for me to answer the more basic questions. Very satisfied with the service!


          Mohammad. J

When Does Civil Service Fast Stream's Application Open?

Applications for the 2024 intake opened on October 12, 2023, and closed on November 9, 2023, showcasing the program's selectivity and prestige. Most schemes start in September or October 2024.

Civil Service Fast Stream New Information 2024

  • The program includes two new streams this year: Government Policy and Operational Delivery, broadening its reach and presenting a myriad of career possibilities. There are around 15 schemes overall. 
  • A standout aspect of the 2024 Fast Stream is its concentrated effort on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) expertise, aiming for a minimum of 50% of new hires to be STEM graduates. This aligns with the government's goal to enhance policymaking and service efficacy through data and scientific knowledge.
  • The application process is designed to become much easier this year, eliminating the need for a CV or cover letter, and encompasses online assessments followed by participation in an assessment center.
  • The Fast Stream offers not just competitive starting salaries, beginning at £31,186, but also a robust framework for learning and development. This includes structured training, mentoring, and opportunities for professional qualifications, all focused on developing essential leadership skills for the Civil Service.