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What Is the Cubiks Logiks General Advanced Test?

The Logiks General (Advanced) is a test provided by Talogy (formerly known as Cubiks), designed to assess your cognitive abilities. The test is designed to assess candidates for senior management and technical positions in particular.

The Logiks General Advanced consists of 30 questions with a general time limit of 20 minutes, divided into 3 sub-sections: Verbal, Numerical, and Abstract.

Logiks Advanced - Verbal Section

The questions in this section are designed to assess your verbal reasoning skills, and it includes mainly Reading Comprehension style of questions.

Each time you'll be presented with a passage, and your task will be to determine which of the answers is true based on what you've read. 

This section includes 12 questions, with a time limit of 8 minutes. This means you've got less than 1 minute per question, which makes it the most difficult part of the test!

Logiks Advanced - Abstract Section

The questions will include analyses of spatial information through pattern recognition, generating hypotheses, change tracks, and critical thinking skills.

Each time you'll be presented with an abstract image, and your task will be to determine which of the answers is the most accurate one to fit in the pattern.

This section includes 10 questions, with a time limit of 4 minutes. This means you've got less than 30 seconds per question, which makes it very difficult!

Logiks Advanced - Numerical Section

The questions in this section are designed to assess your numerical reasoning skills.

Each time, you'll be presented with numerical information organized in graphs or tables. You'll need to answer the question based on your ability to analyze the numerical information and perform mathematical calculations. 

This section includes 8 questions, with a time limit of 8 minutes. This means you've got 1 minute per question.

Cubiks Logiks General Advanced Free Practice 

As mentioned before, proper practice and familiarity with the test questions significantly reduce stress and anxiety on test day and raise your chance for success. That's precisely why our experts at JobTestPrep have made a dedicated short free sample test for you.

Please note that the sample questions below don't include all the types you may face in the test. If you want to practice more types of questions, you can check out our Cubiks Logiks General Advanced PrepPack. 

Abstract Reasoning

2. Which shape should come next in the series?

cubiks abstract 2ss

abstract cubiks 2
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The correct answer is 2.

Every object in this question - the plus sign and the four lightnings - rotates 45 degrees clockwise in each step.

Note you can rule out answers (1), (4), and (5) based on the plus sign alone. To distinguish between answers (2) and (3) quickly, scan the lightnings compared to the fifth frame: the two lightnings at the bottom of the frame of answer (3) are identical to thos in the fifth frame, so answer (3) cannot be the correct answer. 

Numerical Reasoning

Civil Service Numerical Test 2

How much did a family, visiting the Louvre, spend (in £) if it consisted of 3 adults, 2 students and 1 senior an 2 of the adults and 1 of the students bought their tickets online?

1. 59.13
2. 77.8
3. 66.8
4. 50.77
5. 61.13
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is (1) - £59.13

student ticket to the Louvre costs: €14.
There were 2 students in the family, one of them bought his ticket online (saving 20%). That means that one student paid full price: €14 while the other student paid 80% of the original price: €14*(80/100)= €14*0.8:
€14 + €14*0.8 = €25.2 

An adult ticket to the Louvre costs: €16.
There were 3 adults in the family, two of them bought their tickets online (saving 20%). That means that one adult paid full price: €16 while the other two adults paid 80% of the original price: 2*€16*(80/100) = €32*0.8
€16 + €16*0.8 + €16*0.8 = €41.6

senior ticket to the Louvre costs: €11. There was one senior in the family.

Therefore, the total family's-costs to the Louvre: €25.2 + €41.6 + €11 = €77.8

Notice that the question asks you to calculate the total cost in GBP. Therefore, use the appropriate exchange rate, according to the second table:

Verbal Reasoning

The Evolution of Education

Over the past decade, higher education has become increasingly international. More and more students choose to study abroad, enroll in foreign educational programs and institutions in their home country, or simply use the Internet to take courses at colleges or universities in other countries.

Today, drawing in foreign students has become a major consideration for universities. More than £27m is to be invested over the next two years to attract more foreign students to UK universities. The internationalization of higher education means that in university courses – especially but not exclusively post-graduate courses - you increasingly find someone whose mother tongue is not English teaching a group of students, very few of whom have English as their first language. This undoubtedly affects the way people learn and how people teach. This also affects their professional skills later on - many students believe that studying with international students would help prepare them for working life. Not an insignificant amount of London University Ph.D. students are multilingual and write in English, although French and Italian are also regular working languages.

The European University Institute (EUI) is an international postgraduate and post-doctoral teaching and research institute established by European Union member states to contribute to scientific development in the social sciences, an ideal place to debate the challenges ahead for other institutions. ‘There is a kind of denationalized way of looking at the disciplines that we teach; it’s not ignoring the national traditions but we’re not so constrained by them and we tend automatically to see things from a comparative and transnational perspective. We are therefore able to start thinking seriously about what it means to teach in this way and in these international environments’, explains the president of EUI.

(Adapted from BBC news)

Question: Which one of the following most effectively summarises the president of EUI's quote?

A. Teaching perspectives have changed recently
B. The new environment affects the way people learn
C. Teachers today are ignoring national traditions
D. Educational institutions are learning to adapt to a new environment
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is D.

This question asks us to summarise the president of EUI's quote. Notice that we are not asked to make inferences or draw conclusions, but rather to find the main points in the president's words. These are:
•The teaching perspective is transnational and comparative.
•It is time to rethink teaching methods in the (new) international environment.

Once we get those, we can examine the distractors:

  1. The president does not mention that teaching perspectives have changed recently. Also, this distractor deals only with the first part of her quote.
  2. The president does not deal with the way people learn, but with teaching methods and disciplines.
  3. The president mentions this notion, but it is neither the focus of the quote nor is it brought up negatively.


Feel Like You're Not Ready Yet?

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How to Prepare & Pass the Cubiks Logiks General Test?


  • Practice with similar tests: The Cubiks Logiks General Advanced Test is a specific type of aptitude test, so it is recommended that you practice with similar tests. There are a variety of practice tests and study guides available in our PrepPack, along with a full simulation of the test.

  • Review your mistakes: After you've taken a practice test or the real test, review your mistakes carefully. Identify the types of questions you had trouble answering and work on improving your skills in those areas. JobTestPrep PrepPack includes test reports and complete answers for each test simulation, so you can improve your performance while learning the theory behind the various questions in the test.

  • Pay attention to the time limit: The Cubiks Logiks General Advanced Test is timed, so you need to manage your time carefully. Be mindful of the time and don't spend too much time on any one question. When you get stuck, move on to the next question and come back to it later.

  • Focus on accuracy: The Cubiks Logiks General Advanced Test is designed to test your analytical and problem-solving abilities, but it's also important to focus on accuracy. Make sure to read each question carefully and double-check your answers before moving on to the next question.

  • Stay focused and alert: The Cubiks Logiks General Advanced Test can be mentally challenging, so it's important to stay focused and alert throughout the test. Make sure to get a good night's sleep the night before the test and eat a healthy breakfast to ensure you have the energy and focus you need to do your best.



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