Talent Q Test Prep: Logical, Numerical & Verbal

The online Korn Ferry preparation pack was created by our experienced psychologists, based on thorough research and after getting feedback from hundreds of candidates. If you have any additional questions about the assessments, feel free to send us an email, we usually reply within 24 hours.


What is a Talent Q Assessment?

The “Talent Q Assessment” is a term relevant to a spectrum of different cognitive and personality assessment tests provided by Korn Ferry. The Talent Q cognitive aptitude tests include mostly numerical, verbal, or logical assessments. Each Talent Q test assesses different skills, and requires a different preparation.

Here’s a breakdown of the different Talent Q tests:

1. Talent Q Elements

  • Numerical
  • Verbal
  • Logical

2. Talent Q Aspects

  • Numerical
  • Verbal
  • Checking Ability

3. Talent Q personality assessment 
(or Korn Ferry Leadership Assessments)

  • KF4D
  • Dimension
  • Drives


What is the difference between Talent Q and Korn Ferry?

Korn Ferry is a management consulting firm, under Hay Group. They are known for their personality and leadership assessments (such as the KFALP, KF4D, Dimensions and more). On 2014, Korn Ferry bought Talent Q, which specializes in cognitive assessments (numerical, verbal, logical or checking tests).

That means that you could see a bundle of assessments as part of your screening process – including both talent Q psychometric tests and Korn Ferry leadership assessments.

Our all-inclusive PrepPack™ covers every Korn Ferry / Talent Q assessment test, with thorough guides and multiple practice tests. If you don’t know which assessment test you’re about to take, or if you know you are going to take more than one assessment – this PrepPack™ will get the job done.

Let’s dive into the different Talent Q assessment tests and try some sample questions:


Talent Q Elements Tests

The Talent Q Elements series is a collection of three different tests: Numerical, Verbal and Logical.

Watch this video for a quick summary of each of these tests and the questions and challenges ahead of you: 

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What is so hard about the Elements tests?

The Talent Q elements tests are known among the most difficult cognitive assessment tests out there. A quick search on reddit will reveal dozens of frustrated candidates that were completely shocked by the Talent Q elements difficulty level.

But the truth is that with the right preparation material you can easily improve your score and ace this test. Here are some main characteristics of Talent Q elements tests that’ll help you jumpstart your prep:

  • These questions are probably very different than anything you’ve experienced before. That means that your university or high school experience will not help you here. There aren’t many difficult calculations, but rather specific skills that need to be sharpened.

  • The questions include a lot of unnecessary information, which makes the questions much harder to understand. Extracting the relevant data from a specific question is one of the main challenges you'll face.

  • Every question is timed. The Talent Q elements questions measure your skills under pressure. That means that once you’ve answered a question, you can’t change your answer, and you can’t go back to previous questions you struggled with.

  • The test is adaptive. That means that every question you answer correctly will be followed by a harder question, and vice versa. That also means that you will need to deal with really hard questions, without letting the time limit stress you out.

  • There could be more than 12 answers to choose from. But unlike other assessments that present four or five possible answers, the Talent Q elements questions can include 12 or even 16 answers to choose from. Thus, it is almost impossible to guess (and very not recommended).


Talent Q Numerical Test

This tests your ability to understand numerical data including tables and figures, and make deductions and analyses from the data. You may be presented with a table, some accompanying information and a question based on some or all this information; you will have to choose the most appropriate answer from a list of answers.

The 12 question test does not have an overall time limit, but rather a time limit for each individual question: 90 seconds for the first question on each table (or set of tables) and 75 seconds for subsequent questions. The average completion time is 12 minutes. Read more here.

Sample Question


Talent Q Numerical

*  OS = Overseas
** Percent out of full tuition fee

 How many BA overseas (OS) students study in the UK?

A) 156,000
B) 210,725
C) 236,700
D) 301,000
E) 339,750
F) 342,500
G) 571,975
H) 721,000
I) 874,000
J) 1,021,200 

Answer & Explanation

The correct answer is (H). 

The table is plentiful with different types of data; however, the only information that is relevant for answering the question is the number of students studying for a BA in each department (2nd column from the left) and the percentage of OS students out of it (6th column from the left).

To answer the question, you need to calculate the number of OS students for each department. For instance, in the History department there are 250 thousand BA students, of which 10% are OS students. So, the number of OS students in the History department is: 250,000 x 10% = 250,000 x 0.1 = 25,000 (for simplicity, you can omit the thousands throughout the calculation and add it in the end). similarly, you can calculate the number of BA OS students in each of the departments:

Finally, sum up all the departments to get the total number of OS students (remember to add the thousands):
(25 + 135 + 354 + 17 + 124 + 63 + 3) x 1,000 = 721,000

Thus, the correct answer is 721,000.


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Expert Tip: Use a comfortable hand-held calculator. From our experience, most test takers find a hand-held calculator more effective than the calculator built in to their computer or smartphone. Additionally, familiarizing yourself with your calculator's memory functions can  give a significant advantage.




Talent Q Verbal Test

This tests your understanding of written information and your ability to draw conclusions based on this information. You will be presented with a short piece of text followed by six statements based on the text. After each question you are presented with a range of possible answers to choose from.

Sometimes you have to choose two answers and sometimes only one; in some cases, you have to decide which one of the arguments are definitely true/ false based on your understanding of the text. 

There is no overall time limit for the test, but there is a time limit for each question: 75 seconds for the first question on each passage of text and 60 seconds for subsequent questions. Thus, the average completion time is 12 minutes. We have hundreds of verbal reasoning practice questions that follow Talent Q's concepts. Read more here.


Sample Question

Read the following passage and answer the question below:

Labour Crisis
A prolonged labour market recession is in the making as long-term unemployment is on the rise and many workers are becoming excluded from the labour market. The shift to austerity measures has further deteriorated labour market conditions in countries hit by the debt crisis. The depressed employment situation has been accompanied by growing job precariousness for those who have a job. The incidence of part-time work has risen significantly as has that of temporary employment.

Given the significant slowdown in economic growth, job loss can increase severely as businesses tend to decrease expenditure, leading to higher unemployment. At the same time, the crisis has resulted in the contraction of bank credit for small and medium-sized businesses and this, in turn, has reduced the growth in self-employment.
Measures that will increase employment and speed up economic growth should be taken promptly. Given the impossibility of financing expenditures with deficits, one can realistically suggest budget-neutral increases in training programmes and subsidies to businesses. This must be coupled with government programmes to facilitate credit to small and medium-sized businesses, financed with increases in taxes in other areas such as environmental or tourist taxes that will not distort the economy adversely.
Adapted from europa.eu


Which one of the following is NOT given as a cause of the labour market recession?

Talent Q Verbal
Answer & Explanation

The correct answer is C.

The question asks us to identify five causes (or potential causes) of the recession and one that is not a cause. Let us go over the distracters and find the corresponding sections in the text that relate to them:

A) Given as a cause: ’the shift to austerity measures has further deteriorated labour market conditions’.

B) Given as a cause: ’job loss can increase dramatically as businesses tend to decrease expenditure’.

C) Given as a symptom: "the depressed employment situation has been accompanied by… part-time work has risen significantly..." In other words, the proliferation of part-time jobs is a symptom of increased unemployment, not a cause of it.

D) Given as a cause: ’a prolonged labour market recession is in the making as...many workers are becoming excluded from the labour market’.

E) Given as a result and a consequent cause: ’at the same time, the crisis has resulted in the contraction of bank credit for small and medium-sized businesses and in turn reduced the growth in self-employment,’ which in turn negatively effects the labour market.

F) Given as a cause: ’a prolonged labour market recession is in the making as long-term unemployment is on the rise’.

The only answer that is not a cause or a potential cause of the labour crisis is: answer C.


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Expert Tip: First, look over the initial five to six words in the paragraph, to get an idea of the topic presented. Afterwards, read the question-and-answer options, to understand what information you need to find. Finally, finish reading over the paragraph to ensure your answer is correct.

Remember, you will be allowed to return to skipped questions. Once you click next, that will be it. You will not be able to revisit a question.


Talent Q Logical Test

This test assesses your logical and analytical skills, by testing your ability to recognize abstract patterns quickly and accurately. You will have 15 minutes to complete 12 questions (75 seconds per question).

The test questions are all matrices: a 3x3 table with each cell containing 1 or more symbols. The symbols create a pattern across the rows and columns of the matrix, with 1 square missing so that the full pattern remains unclear. Your task is to recognize the pattern and complete the missing piece. You will have several answer choices to choose from in order to fit in the empty cell. Read more here

Sample Question


Please identify the missing symbol: 

Talent Q Logical
Answer & Explanation

The correct answer:

Talent-Q Elements Logical Test

In each row the right cell consists of a duplication of the right symbol from the middle cell and an addition of a new symbol between the two identical symbols.

The complete logic:
In each row, the symbols in the middle cell are a combination of the symbols from the left and right (i.e. outer) cells so that:

✻  The left symbol in the middle cell is identical to the outer symbols in the left cell.

✻ The right symbol in the middle cell is identical to the outer symbols in the right cell.

The middle symbol in all three cells is different from all the other symbols in the row.


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Expert Tip: If there is more than one symbol in a cell, the way they’re ordered inside the cell might matter. Be sure to consider this possibility before answering a question.

Use your time wisely: Although this test doesn’t give you much time to answer each question, doing so quickly will not add  more time for the next question either.

Therefore, use every second of your 75 seconds to answer each question as best as you can.





Talent Q Aspects

The Talent Q Aspects series is a collection of three different tests: Numerical, Verbal and Checking Ability.

Like the Elements tests, the Numerical and Verbal tests are timed (per question), and adaptive. The only difference between the tests is the difficulty level of the calculations – the Aspects tests are slightly easier as they are given mostly for entry-level roles.

Talent Q Checking Test

The Checking test is the only test that is unique to the Aspects. On this assessment, you will be presented with two tables of data (numbers, names, codes etc.). You’ll need to indicate if the data on every row is identical or different from the data on the other table. Each question has a time limit of 60 seconds and contains six rows to compare.


Talent Q Personality Assessments

The Talent Q personality assessments are used mainly for executive positions. These tests aim to understand and assess your leadership qualities, problem-solving skills and strategic thinking.

Click here to read more about the Talent Q personality assessments.


How to crack your Talent Q assessment?

As mentioned, the Talent Q assessments are hard, but not impossible. Since these tests measure cognitive skills, practicing similar questions can quickly improve solving time. With professional study materials, you can improve your skills and boost your Talent Q score (even with a few hours of practice). Our Talent Q Elements preparation includes everything you need to do just that:

Accurate practice tests

One of the most important things to be on guard against is the accuracy of your practice material. There are so many online preparation courses with basic numerical drills that don’t simulate anything you’re going to face on the assessment.

Our test experts have refined our Talent Q PrepPack™ during the last ten years with customer feedback to help you bring the most accurate practice there is.

Timed tests

Our full PrepPack™ includes only timed practices. As I said before, one of the most challenging things on the Talent Q assessments is the tight time limit. To help you get over this hurdle, we created timed tests, with the same time limit as the real test. That way you can both get to know the test better, cut down your solving time while practising, and reduce anxiety during the actual test.

Thorough guides and explanations

The Talent Q tests are less about knowledge, and more about assessing your skills. That means you need to improve your skills as you practice. In our full PrepPack™, you’ll find detailed score reports for every practice test, with explanations for every question. That’ll help you get to know your strengths and weaknesses better, and to focus your practice rounds accordingly.



The content was very similar to what I got during the actual test. The confidence I gained during practice helped me pass my psychometric test.

Sandra K.,


Prepped me good for the test. I'm historically good with numbers and tests for logic, but this rest is different. I sat and looked at some sample tests without understanding much of the first question after 15 minutes. Then I bought this test and took a few hours to go through the test and did get extremely good result...and the job. Without these tests I wouldn't have had a chance at all.

Thomas K.,


The talent Q questions are more difficult than most psychometric tests, so would definitely recommend using this prep pack. There are 3 actual full practice tests ranging from easy, medium and difficult. Theres also great extra table and graph practise which I found the most helpful. You have plenty of practice with the tables which is exactly what comes up in the actual talent Q test. The explanations for each Q are available also, however, sometimes they're a bit difficult to understand but overall, good.

Fatimah P.,




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