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About Numerical Reasoning Tests

Numerical reasoning tests often cast fear among candidates who are about to take aptitude tests at assessment centres. Maths related tasks are always accompanied by hesitation, but the truth is that most of these tests are easier than they seem at first glance. The following tips will help you to see just that. For more exclusive tips accompanied with example test questions, check out our video tutorials.

Numerical Test Tips

1. Master the Basics

Numerical aptitude tests rely on basic mathematical concepts that can be easily reviewed and memorized. This includes the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, upon which further tools are applied, including percentages and ratios. If you are interested in learning tips and concepts of some basic mathematical operations, you can use our free tutorials on numerical reasoning percentages and currency conversion questions. If you make sure to review these concepts, you have already taken one step forward on your way to improve your numerical skills.

2. Sharpen Your Data Interpretation Skills 

Since most numerical tests use a wide array of graphs and charts to present information, you must get used to reading this kind of data. Reading and discerning adequate information from complex graphs and tables greatly contributes to the delayed response that most test takers suffer from when taking these tests. You can also skip to our Numerical reasoning graphs and Numerical reasoning tables articles. Financial sections of daily newspapers and, of course, practice questions and sample tests are the best way to familiarize yourself with all of the possible types of data presentation. Here are some basic guidelines for effective data interpretation:

  • Pay attention to units and scales. Graphs and tables present numerical information in different scales. It is very common to find questions in which the information is presented in millions, while the question refers to thousands. 
  • Look for additional information which is not directly included in the table/chart. This information is given in asterisks or at the bottom of the image, and often supplies information about discounts, total amounts etc, which are crucial for solving certain questions.
  • Use the orientation test: After a few seconds of scanning the data, place your finger somewhere inside the data area, and make sure you can explain yourself the meaning of that piece of data.

3. Learn How to Use a Calculator

Using a calculator in a skillful manner is of an essence, especially when dealing with percentages or lengthy calculations. Using your calculator wisely can become a substantial time saver. For instance, people who are not accustomed to using a calculator tend to write on paper each result they get instead of leaving it on the calculator's screen and applying it for the next calculation. Learn more about calculators on numerical tests.

4.  Estimations Are Key

When reaching the point in which questions become increasingly more difficult, you must use your estimation skills. Under serious time constraints it is  not always necessary to reach the exact answer in order to answer correctly. You are likely to encounter questions which without the aid of estimation would take too long to calculate. Our practice numerical tests include many questions that measure your ability to estimate, and explanations provided for these questions help a lot.

5. Practice 24/7

Practicing basic mathematical skills and numerical tests beforehand can bring about dramatic changes in your performance. This is true for any field of aptitude. Start practicing now.


Video Tutorials

Our new numerical reasoning tips video tutorial is here, and there are more in our packs!

We have launched new video tutorials to be included in all relevant packages. These tutorials will help you through each concept from the basics to the more complex and will show you how to apply each concept in a psychometric test. We also demonstrate where and how to use time- (and stress-) saving tips.

Learn More About Numerical Tests

Many leading global and UK companies have incorporated numerical tests into their recruitment processes, and JobTestPrep is here to help you succeed in your upcoming assessment. We offer tailored numerical reasoning practice tests for many of the top companies, such as the Macquarie psychometric assessment, practice tests that are designed to mirror the style of specific test providers such as Cubiks online assessment, as well as comprehensive all-inclusive numerical reasoning preparation packages to prepare for you any numerical reasoning test! You can read more about numerical tests below:

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