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Top 5 Most Common Questions About the SHL Numerical Reasoning Test and JobTestPrep's Practice

Is the SHL Numerical Reasoning Test Hard?

The most difficult elements of the SHL Numerical Reasoning test are the time frame and the information overload that some questions present. You’ll often have little more than 60 seconds to answer every question, and for some, a slight misreading of a question will cause you to lose marks.

I Have Only 3 Days to Prepare. Is It Enough?

Most of our customers have busy lifestyles. Many work full-time while searching for a job, and some are students and even parents.

That's why our preparation packs are built in such a way that even several hours of prep can potentially help increase your test score.

Three days of prep will enable you to fully understand what to expect on the test and how to handle every question. Plus, you'll boost your confidence and reduce any test anxiety.

I Haven't Touched Maths for Years. Is It a Problem?

If you, like many other candidates, take the SHL Numerical test years after finishing school, it's natural that your numerical skills have become rusty and that you've forgotten many of the subjects.

For this reason, the prep pack includes dedicated study guides and video tutorials to help you refresh your memory and even learn all maths basics from scratch (if you have enough prep time).

Additionally, every practice question in the pack is coupled with a thorough explanation, so that you understand the logic behind the solution and be able to use the same solving methods on similar questions.

How Can I Be Sure That Your Prep Package Is Legit?

The SHL Numerical preparation package has already been used by hundreds of candidates. It went live only after our Research & Development team has verified that the practice materials match the real exam.

We keep an eye for customer feedback and changes the occur on the actual test and keep updating the package frequently.

And lastly, you receive an ironclad money-back guarantee in case the real exam is different from our practice tests.

What's in the Preparation Pack?

The preparation pack is divided into four categories (as you can in the excerpt below):

1. SHL Numerical practice tests - the interactive and non-interactive versions.

2. Calculation tests

3. Numerical practice tests by subjects

4. Study guides and video tutorials

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