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Why Should I Prepare?

With each passing year, the hiring process becomes more and more competitive. By practising online, you can gain firsthand knowledge of what to expect on test day. Preparing in advance reduces stress and allows you to perform to the best of your ability. You want to ensure you receive a high score on the test, not only so you pass the exam, but also because doing so will provide you with a better chance of landing the job over other applicants. It’s time to become an active player in the quest for your dream job!

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Prepare online, improve your performance, and be chosen among thousands of candidates

Find Your Test

Aptitude Tests

About to take an aptitude test? Aptitude tests are aimed at assessing various cognitive abilities, from numeracy and literacy skills to spatial awareness and more. JobTestPrep offers practice tests for various aptitude tests. Our exclusive practice resources include timed aptitude tests, answer explanations, and score reports. Start preparing today to get ahead of the competition 

Graduate/Management Aptitude Tests Senior Management Aptitude Test General Staff Aptitude Tests Concentration Exam Cognitive Ability Tests
Logical Reasoning Reasoning Tests Abstract Reasoning Inductive Reasoning Deductive Reasoning
Technical Aptitude Fault Diagnosis Error Checking Spatial Reasoning RANRA
Non-Verbal Clerical Products Financial Reasoning GMA Assessment Diagrammatic Reasoning
Syntax Checking Watson-Glaser Numerical Reasoning Mechanical Reasoning Verbal Reasoning
Aptitude Guide 

Personality Tests

Personality tests are often used by employers during the hiring process. Personality tests provide your future employer with an idea of your personality profile. These tests also help employers determine if your character traits fit those needed for the role as well as if they match the company’s culture. JobTestPrep offers a variety of online personality test practice materials —practice tests, study guides, answer explanations, tips, and more —that teach you how to prepare for and successfully pass your exam. Start preparing with JobTestPrep today. 

Personality Product 16PF Test Motivation Questionnaire
SHL's OPQ32 DiSC Personality Inventory More Personality Tests

Assessment Centres

Are you expecting to attend an assessment centre as part of your job application? An assessment centre is a full day of activities, often constituting the final stage of the application process. Candidates are evaluated through a series of assessment centre exercises, including both individual and group tasks. These give your prospective employer a rounded profile of your competencies and an insight into your performance in the workplace. Learn more about the assessment centre today.

Assessment Day Info Assessment Day Practice Interview Preparation
Case Study Exercises In-Tray Exercises Written Exercises

Assessment Companies

Many employers use the services of assessment companies to provide them with an assortment of tests. It is important to note that these assessment companies often share candidates' data and test scores with each other. Learn about the different assessment companies and the tests they produce. 

SHL Kenexa Pearson TalentLens
Saville Talent Q Cubiks
Revelian Thomas Psytech
cute-e Criterion More Assessment Companies 

Tests by Employer

JobTestPrep offers tailor-made practice packs for many different employers. We also provide you with information regarding each employer's respective screening process. Learn about these different employer assessment tests as well as the practice resources we have to offer. Take our practice tests and prepare yourself for your exam. 

Epso Amazon HSBC
Oliver Wyman Maersk PLI PwC
KPMG Civil Service Exams More Companies

Tests by Profession 

JobTestPrep offers online preparation for a range of professions, from law enforcement and firefighting to customer service. Check out our exclusive online practice resources and prepare for pre-employment tests with our custom-made practice tests and study guides.

Managers Engineering Accountants
Air Traffic Controllers Pilots Apprentices
Army Firefighters Legal Services
Midwives Nursing Paramedics
Police Prison Officers Teachers
Sales Customer Service Cabin Crew
Administrative Assistants Bus Drivers Train Drivers
Plumbers   Clerical

Situational Judgement Tests

JobTestPrep offers situational judgement test preparation for a wide range of job assessments. Situational judgement tests present candidates with different scenarios that may arise in the workplace, assessing how they would respond to each one. Check out this comprehensive table of all the various situational judgement tests.

SJT Samples SJT Preparation SJT Customer Service
SJT Administrative SJT Strengths Test

SJT Dilemmas


 Karen Weston | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The questions that JobTestPrep prepared me for were the same exact style as those that I saw on the interview and testing process. The explanations were helpful, being able to review the solutions and work through the problems at my own pace!"

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