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Concentration tests are used to filter out a large number of candidates from many recruitment processes. Learn more about these tests and how you can prepare for them.

What Is a Concentration Test?

A concentration test is a test of how well you can focus on a task even whilst there are distractions around you.

Some jobs require you to be able to concentrate hard at all times - even when you are tired, bored or distracted. Concentration tests usually give you a lot of repetitive information to work through in order to complete the task.

Many concentration tests also look at reaction times, vigilance, and ability to visualise changes in shapes, as well as your attention to detail at all times.

Concentration tests are especially important for jobs where it is important that you don’t make mistakes.

Who Takes a Concentration Test?

Concentration tests are used across a variety of professions, including administration and clerical positions, pilots, or most commonly train drivers and other railway workers.

They tend to be positions where a loss of concentration could lead to a mistake that could cost lives or significant amounts of money.

What Types of Concentration Tests Are There?

Two of the main concentration tests available are the Group Bourdon test or dot test, and the Safe Concentration and Attention Test, also known as the SCAAT.

Both of these tests are used for train driver recruitment as well as other railway workers such as conductors, guards and more. Find out more about these tests on our dedicated pages.

Concentration Test Characteristics

There are several characteristics that all concentration tests have in common. Firstly they are speed tests.

You are not given enough time to complete the task, so the assessors want to see how much you can cover in that time and that you are accurate whilst doing it. Next, they are repetitive.

The people who take these tests are likely to have jobs which require them to look over the same things over and over again.

Concentration tests typically involve pages of similar looking information for you to work your way through.

Prepare for Success  

Concentration tests are used to check a very vital skill for many jobs, as well as to reduce the number of candidates in any recruitment process.

Ensure that your recruitment process does not end with these tests by practising before hand and going in fully prepared.

Practice with our practice package now to get the maximum preparation possible. 

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