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Spatial reasoning tests, also known as spatial awareness tests, examine orientation skills in two dimensional and three dimensional spaces. Popular spatial reasoning tests include:

  1. Organizing two dimensional shapes.
  2. Spatial reasoning cubes.
  3. Mirror images.
  4. Perspectives.

Who Is Likely to Take These Tests?

Spatial reasoning tests are usually found in aptitude selection processes of industries that require spatial skills, among which are  technical positions, engineering, military units and airforces, design, architecture and more.

Spatial Reasoning Examples

Organising two dimensional broken shapes:spatial reasoning sample

Mirror reflections:

Spatial reasoning tests. Mirror images

In some cases the questions present shape sequences that are ordered by a predetermined logic. The examinee is then being asked to choose the following shape in the sequence or draw conclusions about the shape's expected configuration and conformation after it has gone through a spatial change.

Want to Test Yourself?

Have a glimpse at our online practice inventory with this free spatial reasoning test.

What's Included

  • 12 spatial reasoning tests online
  • 130+ questions and answers
  • Spatial reasoning study guide
  • 3D cubes, rotations, 2D shapes, adding 2D shapes, perspectives, mirror images and more
  • Not just for assessments, but for mental exercise as well
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