This bus drivers PrepPack™ has everything you need to prepare for your upcoming test. With nine basic maths drills, calculating change tests, verbal reasoning, and a road sign test, we are sure you will be able to outperform your competition by purchasing this pack. We look forward to having you on board. 

Become a Bus Driver

Becoming a bus driver can be a long process. Once you have received your CPC license, you are ready to start applying to bus companies. As part of bus driver recruitment, many companies such as Arriva and First Group invite you to an assessment day where you may face numerical and verbal tests as well as an interview.

What Are the Bus Driver Aptitude Tests?

Bus driver candidates are asked to take up to two aptitude tests- a numerical and a verbal reasoning test. These tests are usually administered at an assessment day. Pay attention to your correspondence with the recruitment department to know when to expect the tests.

What Skills Are Tested by the Bus Driver Tests?

Bus drivers are required to have certain skills in order to perform their job. This extends beyond safely driving a bus. The aptitude tests assess whether you have the necessary skills.

Numerical Reasoning Tests - Bus drivers deal with numbers when it comes to ticket pricing and giving change, so this test assesses your skills using basic maths functions.

Verbal Tests - As a bus driver, you are often given work-related information in the form of office memos. This test looks at your ability to understand this type of information.

Numerical Reasoning Test

The bus driver numerical test is usually a short test with about fifteen questions ranging in difficulty and focusing on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Questions relate to work situations where you need to quickly think of the right amount of change to return to customers.

Verbal Reasoning Test

The bus driver verbal test is an assessment of both your verbal reasoning skills as well as some driving theory. Make sure to read the information through before answering any questions to know what exactly is being asked of you.

Prepare for Your Bus Driver Aptitude Tests

Bus companies want to ensure that their drivers have all the skills necessary before hiring. Once you have passed the numerical and verbal aptitude tests, you can move on to the later stages in the assessment process. Preparing yourself for these assessments using practice tests sharpens your skills and familiarises yourself with the question style and content before the actual assessment day. This means higher confidence and scores when it comes to the real thing.

Arriva and First Group, two of the big UK bus companies, use tests provided by CEB’s SHL. Our SHL-style pack can help you prepare for all of the tests you sit when applying to become a bus driver.

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