Preparing for a&dc’s Dilemmas Series Situational Judgement Tests

Are you expecting to take a Situational Judgement Test (SJT) from the Dilemmas Series? In this article we explain the nature of the test and provide useful preparation resources. See how JobTestPrep can allow you to succeed on this test. 

What Is the Dilemmas Series Test?

The Dilemmas Series SJT test presents you with various work-related scenarios and a number of different answer choices. You need to rate the answers on a scale from least effective to most effective. a&dc's SJT test series is divided by audiences as follows:

  • Administrative Dilemmas
  • Call Centre Dilemmas
  • Customer Service Dilemma
  • Graduate Dilemmas
  • Management Dilemmas

There are three main aptitudes that you are tested on. They are:

  • Judgement
  • Behaviour
  • General intelligence

Sample Questions in Dilemmas Style

The best way to understand what the Dilemmas SJT is all about, is to see it in action. Here are sample scenarios provided by a&dc on their website and/or promotional videos.

Scenario 1

You are in a meeting with a group of peers where one of the members is acting in a particularly disruptive manner, not respecting anyone else’s view and in general making life very difficult for the meeting to proceed as planned.

What do you do?

  1. Speak to the individual directly.
  2. Speak to your line manager.
  3. Question this person’s contribution to the group.
  4. Leave them alone.

Scenario 2

You have just attended an internal training course delivered by your manager. While talking to the other delegates privately after the course, several of them were critical of how your manager delivered the course. Your manager is unaware of this feedback and you felt the course delivery was adequate.

What do you do?

  1. Tell your manager that you personally think the course went well and don’t mention the feedback from other delegates.
  2. Tell the other delegates that they should communicate their feedback to your manager if they feel strongly about it.
  3. Tell your manager about the feedback from other delegates, without mentioning them by name.
  4. Don’t mention any feedback about the course to your manager.

*Taken from an a&dc presentation, found on Youtube.

The Importance of Preparing for Dilemmas SJTs

Unlike many other aptitude and psychometric tests, each question on a Dilemmas situational judgement test exemplifies an instance of the real work routine at the office. When you prepare for an SJT you are actually preparing yourself for the job at hand!

Practicing sample scenarios and identifying the competencies that are measured through each response can help you obtain a better understanding of what the employer expects from you in terms of current skills, office conduct and future potential.

Preparing for the Real Test

At JobTestPrep we have created complete preparation packages for SJTs, which can be very helpful if you are taking the Dilemmas SJT. We provide a complete guide enhancing your understanding of SJT’s as well as complete online practice tests with full explanations, giving you the chance to see where you went wrong and where you can improve your scores. Our preparation packages are currently tailored for graduate/MGMT SJT practice, sales/customer service SJT practice, and administrative SJT.

JobTestPrep is not a part of a&dc and is not related to them in any way. JobTestPrep offers preparation services for psychometric tests.