Maersk Professional Learning Indicator (PLI) Test

What is the Maersk PLI Test?

The Maersk PLI tests play a prominent role in the employee selection process and therefore should be prepared for quite intensively. This PrepPack™ offers just the kind for thorough and efficient practice that is required to succeed on the tests.

To get a glimpse of what the PLI test, or the PI Cognitive Assessment, is all about, watch the following video:

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Maersk Group Application Process

Prior to getting into the PI Test, let’s take a moment to briefly look at the interview process at Maersk. It should be noted that with so many various positions in the company, the process can vary according to position and seniority, however, after looking at a number of positions, here is a rough overview of what you can expect.

Stage 1: Visit the website and fill out the online application process.

Stage 2: You will take assessment tests like the PI and behavioral testing.

Stage 3: You will be sent several questions by email and respond by answering the four questions in a brief two minute pre-recorded video. You will return the video by email.

Stage 4: Now comes the in-person interview with a hiring manager and a member of the HR Team.

Stage 5: If you pass the interview, Maersk will invite you to Maersk Assessment Day. This will include panel interviews among other tasks.

Stage 6: You sign your contract and start the on-boarding process.

Jobs and Careers at Maersk 


If you are looking to pass the Maersk recruitment process, you have come to the right place. We offer dozens of in-depth preparation materials to help you get your foot through the door at Maersk. 
Find out more regarding the exciting job opportunities offered by Maersk 
in over 130 countries below 

Maersk Entry Level Jobs 

This is a great place to start for young and ambitious individuals looking to begin a challenging and rewarding international career. The opportunities you will run into as an entry-level applicant include various graduate and maritime education programmes. 

Shipping Careers 

Has it been your dream to hold an international job? Whether you are looking for a customer service or managerial role, or one in cargo coordination, Maersk’s international shipping jobs allow you to bring the world to you.  

Offshore Careers 

Do you appreciate unpredictability and having to think on your feet? Maersk’s offshore careers may be the right path for you. These roles offer unique challenges with no two days on the job being the same. Knowing what the recruitment team at Maersk is looking for in its offshore employees will help you stand apart from the crowd. 

Back to Work (B2W) Programme – India 

This career transition programme offers flexible job opportunities for women re-entering the workforceThis specific programme is available in India for women professionals who have worked a minimum of 4 consecutive years in the following areas: 

  • Sales 
  • Customer Service 
  • Operations 
  • Trade and Marketing 
  • Project Management 
  • Sourcing 
  • Human Resources 

A strong grasp of both written and spoken English are necessary for applying to this programme. Additionally, candidates should possess certain interpersonal skills in order to be considered to progress through the recruitment process 

As you can see, the opportunities offered by Maersk are all very unique. Don’t miss out on a chance of a lifetime – start preparing for the Maersk recruitment process and tests today!


PLI Assessment Purpose Overview

As a precursor to our PI Assessment Test overview, it is important to understand the overall purpose of the exam. This precursor should help give the reader some background and context before launching into its fine detail.

The test is designed to give your future employer a way to broadly evaluate your cognitive capacity. By looking at such metrics like speed, visualization, memory, and attention to details, the hirer, will better assess how you will adapt and handle challenges and tasks within the organization.

PI Cognitive Assessment Test Detail Overview

The PI Cognitive is comprised of three topics, including: Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-Verbal reasoning. Each topic in turn contains sub-topics, as detailed below.

Numerical Reasoning - Number series, Math Problems, Word Problems.

Verbal Reasoning - Analogies, Formal Logic, Antonyms.

Non-Verbal Reasoning - Spatial Awareness, Logical Reasoning, Inductive Reasoning.

Sample Questions with Explanations

Sample Question 1

Assent is the opposite of...

Answer Explanation

Assent means 'compliance,' so the antonym is refusal. Agreement is a synonym. Climb and cooperation are not related. Therefore, the correct answer is refusal.


Sample Question 2

Which number has the lowest value?

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Answer Explanation

The correct answer is (D). (A) 1/4 = 0.25. (B) 2/3 + 0.25 = 0.67 + 0.25 = 0.92. (C) 4/5 - 0.45 = 0.80 - 0.45 = 0.35. (D) 5/8 - 0.40 = 0.63 - 0.40 = 0.23. Therefore, the correct answer is (D).


Sample Question 3

Dave, Erin, and Frank each own a different breed of dog.

Erin owns a pug.

Dave does not own a golden retriever.


Frank owns a golden retriever.

If the assumptions are true, is the conclusion:

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Answer Explanation

The correct answer is Cannot be determined based on the information.

According to the first assumption, Dave, Erin, and Frank each own a different breed of dog.

According to the third assumption, Dave does not own a golden retriever.

Thus, Frank may or may not own a golden retriever.

Therefore, the correct answer is Cannot be determined based on the information." 

PLI Exam Test Framework and Rules

Timeframe: The test will be 12 Minutes in length and will include a running clock, which can be found on the right side of the screen.

Question Format: The test will use the multiple choice format , which means that you will choose a correct answer from among a preset list of 4-5 possible answers.

Number of Questions: 50 (5 questions per page)

Test Aids: Test aids such as calculators are not allowed for use during the test.

Understanding Your PLI Score

After completing your test, the score will be immediately and automatically available. We will now briefly explain how the test is calculated and what it means for your candidacy.

Three Major Terms to Know

Raw – Ranging from 17-23, this simply tallies all your right answers together. Thus, it can be assumed that the average PI Cognitive Assessment score is a 20.

Percentile – The percentile score indicates how you fared against all test takers combined. For instance, if you are in the 70th percentile that means you did better than 70% of all test takers.

Sub-Score - The sub-score is also broken down according sub-categories mentioned above.

Please note that there is no “negative scoring” so you will not be penalized for wrong answers, thus it is important to mark every single answer as this can only boost your score.

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Tips Before Taking the Maersk Test

  1. Answer what you know: With only 12 minutes to finish the test you have to practice working under pressure. While keeping in mind that only 1% of test takers answer over 40 questions, just make sure that you see the questions and answer as many as you know. What you do not know just guess and move on.
  2. Know the Questions: Before taking the test make sure that you know where your weaknesses and strengths are. By fully understanding what type of questions are on the test, you will know what to dwell on and what to pass over.
  3. Your Language: The test can be taken in over 70 languages. Those who choose to take the test in a secondary language usually do worse by 6-8 questions, which can drastically affect your score and percentile. So, go with the language you are most comfortable.

FAQ About Maersk Test

Who actually administers the test?

Generally speaking either the hiring manager or HR will be in charge of proctoring the test. PI trains companies to take on this role.

Are their cultural based questions on the test?

No the test is “culturally neutral” meaning you do not need any special knowledge of a specific culture or society to answer the questions.

Can Internet Connections Speed Affect the Test?

No, the test builders have taken this into account by programming the test to download all questions before you begin the test. However, it is highly advised not to use a cell phone or IPad due to the processing power of the machines.

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