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Thomas Aptitude Tests

Thomas International offer two sets of aptitude testing. The Thomas psychometric test (GIA/TST) consists of five different general intelligence assessments meant to predict your response to training on the new job. Thomas Skills is an extensive test battery covering over 100 different topics, including literacy and numeric reasoning abilities. JobTestPrep offers a professional GIA-style practice pack with full tests and additional practice materials. Click on the above links for more details and suggested practice materials for each of these tests.

Thomas PPA Test

The Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) is an eight-minute personality assessment. It provides employers with insight into your motivations, communication style, performance under pressure, and so on. Familiarising yourself with personality tests will help you understand which aspects of yourself need to be emphasised as well as how to do so properly. Read more about the Thomas International PPA-style test, and learn how practising with JobTestPrep can improve your performance.

Thomas TEIQue

The Thomas Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue; pronounced as TQ) measures your ability to recognise and control your emotions, as well as deal with the emotions of others. The questionnaire includes statements regarding your responses to different situations, and your task is to rate how strongly you agree or disagree with each statement. This questionnaire usually takes about 20-25 minutes to complete.

As emotional intelligence allows for self-awareness and adaptability, it is a very important trait in any workplace, and for managers in particular. This questionnaire displays your communication abilities; your relationship management skills; and the way you deal with stress, conflicts, or any other challenges that may arise in a work environment. Thus, the Thomas TEIQue is used to identify candidates who can thrive in any set of circumstances as well as to identify people who are suited for management roles.

Thomas Assessment Centres

In addition to the company's various aptitude and personality tests, Thomas International hosts numerous assessment days and centres. These are used during the hiring process as well as for in-house training. Each assessment evaluates different aspects of you as an employee:

  • Thomas Teams and Thomas Diagnostics – This assessment evaluates how well a certain group of people work together as a team.
  • Thomas PAC – This assessment provides a more specific, personal evaluation of your talents, key behaviours, and abilities as a worker. Its goal is to identify areas that need to be strengthened, people with leadership skills, etc.
  • Thomas SaMb – This is a self-awareness and modifying behaviour workshop. It is meant to improve the way employees communicate with one another and adapt to different situations common to the office environment.

Who Uses Thomas International Tests?

Below is a table of the most popular companies, organizations, and job positions that require candidates to successfully pass Thomas International tests. Outscore the competition with JobTestPrep's PrepPacks™ and ensure your success today.

Company Position(s)
Deloitte Consultant, analyst, manager, advisor
Metro Bank  Manager, cashier, advisor, customer service, Director, Loan Specialist, Account Exec., Credit Partner
CBRE  Graduate scheme 
Premium Credit Developer, administrator, sales
Allergan  Production, accounting, manager
Maersk Engineer & graduate scheme
Pepsico Analyst & manager 
Merlin Entertainment Finance & marketing manager 
Siemens Engineer & graduate scheme
Cundall Graduate engineer 
Dekra Marketing manager
Vestas  Engineer 
Glanbia Technical manager & architect 
Amazon Senior manager
PwC  Accountant and Auditor, Manager, Corporate Finance, HR, Budget Analyst
Air Canada Flight Attendant, Recruiter, Pilot
Grant Thornton

Accountant and Auditor, Associate Consultant

KARL STORZ Product specialist 
Gulftainer Manager
Thomas International Senior Developer, Key Account Manager
Mercedes-Benz Sales Executive
Subsea Naval Architect
Plymouth University Level 5


Bunzl Operations Manager
National Library Market Research Analyst
Citrix Sales Manager
Recruitment or Staffing Agency Recruitment
Claranet Senior Storage Engineer
Vodafone Finance Analyst
Colliers Graduate
 LVMH Financial Controller
Complete Laboratory Solutions Microbiology
 Metro  Customer Service Representative
 Cundall Electrical Engineer
Paulsonco General Manager
Dagrofa Buyer
BCD Travel Agent
Deloitte HR
Siemens Senior Software Developer
DHL Marketing Communication
Unilever Brand Manager
Domtar Entry Level
Yell Field Sales
Duke Energy Maintenance & Repair
Logistex Senior Project Engineer
Marketing Manager Elite Hotels
Marriott International Digital Marketing Manager

Operations Manager

Merlin Entertainment General Manager
EXL HR Manager
Amazon Filters HR & Payroll Administrator
GODREJ General Manager, Planner
Opus Energy Head of Contract Management
Pharmaceutical Distribution  Senior Manager Ministry of Health
 BASF Cost Estimator
Grendene Procurement Director
Senior HR Executive. QCS
Bakkavor Graduate Scheme
Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority Training Coordinator
Thomas Cook New Business Consultant
SPS Technologies Finance Manager 
TPC John Huxley Sales Associate
Bell Principal Auditor
Uber CFO
Hidden Hearing Hearing Aid Dispenser
 Transnet National Ports Authority Tariff Regulation Manager
Hospital Nursing Director
UK Accounting Practice Director
IBM Information Security Analyst
Valvoline Sales Manager
IIROC Manager
Audley Facilities Manager
Crown Holdings Industrial Engineer
Axa Customer Service Representative
Kuehne & Nagel Head of Procurement
Information Builders Account Director
Handicare Head of Shared Services
Haines Watts Tax Manager
Alderley Payroll Administration
Blick Rothenberg Tax Assistant Manager
seco Business Controller
Keo international consultants Head of Transport
Ausltralian Competion Comsumer Commission General Manager Stakhodler Relations
Version1 Java Developer senior


It's important to note that while these companies are known to use Thomas International tests, they may also require candidates to take other assessments, sit for interviews, or participate in group exercises.

Thomas General Intelligence Assessment

Below you can attempt to solve free Thomas GIA test sample questions to gauge the questions of the Thomas General Intelligence Assessment. For the most part the General Intelligence Assessment is basic logical questions that need an abstract way of thinking to solve. See the Thomas GIA examples below and attempt to solve before reading the explanation. Keep in mind that this is a very basic introduction and it is highly recommended to attempt the pdf files found on this page and signing up with JobTestPrep for in-depth and high quality Thomas test preparation.

Thomas GIA Sample Question 1

Michelle finished the race before Avery. Who was slower?

  • Michelle
  • Avery

Answer: According to the statement, Michelle finished the race before Avery, which means that Michelle was faster than Avery. Slow is the opposite of fast. Therefore, we can deduce that Avery was the slower of the two.

Thomas GIA Sample Question 2

Sam is sadder than Philip. Who is happier?

  • Sam
  • Philip

Answer: According to the statement, Sam is sadder than Philip. Happy is the opposite of sad. Therefore, we can deduce that Philip is the happier of the two.

Thomas GIA Sample Question 3

The box is not as big as the table, but bigger than the chair. Which is the smallest?

  • Box
  • Table
  • Chair

Answer: Begin by arranging the objects by size, from small to biggest. According to the first part of the statement, the box is smaller than the table. We shall remember it as: box, table. According to the second part of the statement, the box is bigger than the chair. We shall remember it as: chair, box. By combining the two phrases, the arrangement of the three is: chair, box and table. Therefore, the chair is the smallest.

Thomas GIA Sample Question 4

Given three words, find and select the odd one out.

  • Sidewalk
  • Pavement
  • Worker

Answer: Worker is the odd word out, since the other two can be placed into the same category, which is things that are part of a street.

Prepare for Thomas International

Competition for most positions is stiff, and preparation is key to ensuring your success. Prepare with JobTestPrep's comprehensive practice packages to stay ahead of the competition and get the position you desire. Our Thomas International GIA Test PrepPack is available - start practising today. 

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