How to Prepare for an Assessment Centre - Get Online Preparation

Attending an assessment centre is very intimidating. That's why our experts have created this preparation package to ease the stress. Follow the advice in this pack and see your performance on the assessment centre exercises improve. 

In the preparation, you will find help to prepare you for your interview, case study, group and role play exercise and your in-tray. Although an assessment centre is live in person, we have seen that by giving you the skills online, you are able to demonstrate them when you attend an assessment centre. 

The practice package is based on 2 strategies to help you succeed:

Practice Simulations

Eliminate the element of surprise and get used to the test's difficulty level and fast pace using timed practice tests that simulate the actual questions.

Step-by-Step Explanations & Study Guides

Each question comes with a thorough explanation to show you the best solving method that is both simple and time-saving. Additionally, you'll get study guides to brush up on your math skills as there will be many questions that deal with algebra and arithmetic.

JobTestPrep is a leading test prep company that offers accurate practice simulations and prep guides for hundreds of pre-employment tests. Since 1992, it has helped 1M+ candidates prepare for and pass their assessment tests. If you have any additional questions about the assessment centre, feel free to send us an email, we usually reply within 24 hours.

Assessment Centre Practice
  • 2 group exercise practice tests
  • Role-play practice test
  • 2 case study exercises
  • In-tray exercises
  • Study guides and tips



What Is an Assessment Day?

The assessment day is often (but not always) the final stage in the application process. Assessment days can take place at the employer’s offices or at a private assessment centre. You are evaluated through a series of individual and group tasks, all of which are aimed at giving the employer a rounded profile of your competencies as well as insight into your performance in the workplace.

Assessment days usually run four to eight hours over a period of one or two days, although mass recruitment campaigns are sometimes a three-day process. The exact schedule for each employer's assessment day varies according to the position for which the assessment is being held. Below is a review of the most common assessment centre exercises employers use in their hiring processes.

09.00-09.10Welcome & IntroductionRoom 1
09.10-10.30Competency Based InterviewRoom 1
10.45-12.30Analysis Presentation ExerciseRoom 2
13.30-14.45Role Play ExerciseRoom 2
15.00-17.00In-Tray ExerciseRoom 1

If you want to know more about any of these exercises please check out the specific pages: