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What's Included

  • 9 Abstract reasoning tests
  • 2 Deductive reasoning tests
  • 20 Inductive reasoning tests
  • 2 Matrices tests
  • 2 Numerical Drills
  • 2 Numerical Series
  • 11 Spatial Reasoning tests
  • 8 Study Guides
  • 4 Video Tutorials
  • 1 Vocabulary test
  • Comprehensive solving tips
  • Secured payment
  • Immediate online access, practice 24/7


A cognitive ability test is another name for the aptitude tests or intelligence tests that are commonly used throughout the hiring process. When the term cognitive ability test is used in the context of a psychometric assessment, it usually refers to a collection of questions (20-50) that span a wide array of topics (numerical, verbal, deductive, logical) and allow very short response times.  

Why This Package Is Crucial to Your Success

Cognitive ability tests present two major obstacles: short time frames and questions that include known tricks and distracters. Luckily, you can overcome these two obstacles with the right practice.  

JobTestPrep's preparation pack offers a comprehensive review of all the question types seen on contemporary employers' cognitive ability tests. Practising the full range of numerical, verbal, deductive, spatial, and logical reasoning questions under strict time frames can greatly assist in improving your scores. We also provide detailed answer explanations, helping you to understand the logic between each question.  

Examples of Branded Cognitive Ability Tests 

Some companies use cognitive ability test batteries that include numerical, verbal, and non-verbal questions. Surprisingly, the question styles across all test are quite similar.

A very popular cognitive ability test is the Wonderlic test. It has two versions—one with 30 questions that must be completed in eight minutes and a longer verification version with 50 questions that must be completed in 12 minutes. A similar test to the Wonderlic is Onetest's cognitive ability test, which includes 51 questions and has a time limit of 20 minutes. Cubiks, a leading assessment company, also uses a cognitive ability test similar in structure to the aforementioned assessments. It contains 50 questions that must be completed in 12 minutes.

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